Bark for Life 2012

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Bark for Life 2012

We would like everyone to consider joining our team for this year’s Bark for Life, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society! You have probably heard of, or participated in, one of their Relay for Life fundraisers in the past, but this will be even MORE fun because you get to bring your dog! (And, you don’t have to stay up all night!). They have organized a really fun day with pet contests (You know YOU have the cutest dog, right? Now you can prove it!), giveaways, and most of all a chance to raise tons of money to fight cancer.

You may be aware that veterinary medicine and human medicine share many of the same diagnostic tests, medical equipment, and treatments. This includes chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cancer vaccines, and other cancer-fighting initiatives. If we can cure cancer in one species, we may be able to do it in all species! Come out to support other pet owners as we walk to take a bite out of cancer!

If you are unable to bring a dog to walk, either because you have kitties, your pet has passed away, or because they are unable to participate in such a physical event, please still consider joining us on our walk. Bring a picture of your pet and share their story with other pet lovers while walking. If you can’t make the event yourself, then consider making a small donation to our team in memory of a friend, a family member, or a pet affected by cancer.

You can also join the group on Facebook and tell us why you are walking!

Jersey and I are excited to see everyone there!

– Tyler Carmack, DVM