Single Pawprint Urn

Single Pawprint Urn

Small (<25 lbs)- $65, No Engraving Available

Medium (26-40 lbs)- $85, No Engraving Available

Large (41-60 lbs)- $115, No Engraving Available


This beautiful pet cremation urns is made of solid brass with a brushed finish. It has a silver pawprint on the top and a silver lining on the lid’s edge. A threaded lid keeps the cremated ashes tightly sealed in. You can also permanently seal the urn using epoxy or superglue. Personalization can be added to specialize the memorial for your beloved friend.

Because we want to make sure everything is perfect with your order, please email us the details of your order, including any customization (engraving), size, and color choices for your urn.

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