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Useful information about veterinary hospice, acupuncture, in-home euthanasia, and pet loss.

A Memorial to Rizzo

You were a firecracker. Your personality demanded attention. Still, you put me first even in your neediest times, by challenging me and giving me purpose when I felt vacant. Your happiness was my happiness, your strong will was my strong will, and your peace will be...

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A Memorial to Bugz

Bugz Bugz was born in 1997 and lived to be an incredible 20-years-old. Bugz was with me on my first day of kindergarten, and continued to be there through every other major milestone of my life – graduation, heartbreak, illness…Our bond has always...

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Home Cooked Pet Food

Why do we recommend home-cooking your pet’s food? We recommend home-cooking for your pet for the same reason healthy food is recommended for people. Fresh, real food from reputable sources is the best way to give our pets the nutrients their bodies need. Freshly...

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