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Yunnan Baiyao for bleeding disorders

What is Yunnan Baiyao? Yunnan Baiyao (also known as Yunnan Paiyao, Yun Nan Bai Yao) is a Chinese herbal medication that originated in the Yunnan province of China. “Bai” means white and “Yao” means medicine. This “white medicine”...

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A Memorial to Norfolk K9 Tiko

Norfolk K9 Tiko 2003 – 2/20/2017 By Handler, Shawn Jacobs It is with great sadness that my retired Norfolk K9 dog “Tiko” has passed away. Tiko had been a part of my life for 11 years. In 2005, my first few weeks in the Norfolk K9 Department had me wondering what...

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Memorial to Charlee

I knew from the very 1st day that Charlee was born that she was going to be so special in my life. I knew that she was here to save me from all of my bad days and I was here to heal her through hers. In the short 3 years that I was blessed to have her in my life, I...

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Full Circle Pain Management for Arthritis in Dogs & Cats

Arthritis is a very common condition in pets, but the pain arthritis can cause is often overlooked by families or misinterpreted as their pet “just slowing down” as they age. The underlying disease process is slightly different in dogs (Osteoarthritis) and...

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Acupuncture Benefits for Disc Disease

  What is Intervertebral Disc Disease? Your dog’s spine is made up of a number of bones called vertebrae. They extend from the base of the skull to the tip of the tail. Separating each vertebrae are flexible cushions called intervertebral discs. These discs help...

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