Client Testimonials

Sometimes our client reviews can be difficult to track down since they can be anywhere on the internet. In order for families to hear what past clients have said about their experience, we have copied those reviews onto this page. You may still view them on the original websites as well. If you’d like to leave a review to help a fellow pet owner decide if the veterinarians at Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice might be able to help them during this difficult time, please visit Yelp, Angie’s List, or our Google places page and leave a detailed review. We value your feedback as we strive to make your pet’s final moments as peaceful as possible.

Joe Facebook
 Kathy and I cannot say enough about Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice and Dr. Tyler Carmack. When we made the decision that it was time to say goodbye and let Honeysuckle go, we contacted Dr. Carmack and arranged for her to come to our home. It was much more comforting for Honey AND us to allow her to spend her last moments with us in her home, on her bed, surrounded by her brother and sisters. No trauma of putting her in the car and taking her to that aniseptic and cold exam room at the vet’s. Dr. Carmack was caring and sensitive, and helped ease Honey out of this world the best way we could have imagined. While it’s incredibly difficult to make the decision that we did to let Honey go, this was by far the best way it could have taken place.

To my friends in the Tidewater area, I would highly recommend, when the time comes, that you help your beloved pets move on in the best way possible. Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice and Dr. Carmack will be our choice when the time comes (hopefully not too soon) for Bonnie and Hattie, and years from now for Sam and Delilah.”

Elaine Facebook
Thank you Dr. Thomas for seeing Jedd today. You’re coming to the house was so much better than taking him to an emergency vet. He stayed calm and happy. I’m sorry I put off calling for so long, but will let you handle Jedd’s care going forward. Thank you so much for being there for us.”
Emily & Pope Thank You email
 I wanted to send an huge thank you for Dr. Thomas. Odie, our almost 14 year old Boxer was put to sleep on Friday by Dr. Thomas. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness, compassion and professionalism. As you know, this is one of the hardest things we have to do and I can’t thank Dr. Thomas enough for her support. I know it must be a very tough profession for you all, but being able to be at home with Odie and have his last moments be peaceful and quiet – what you all do is beyond wonderful and it takes a special person. Dr. Thomas helped make this very difficult time a little easier. Thank you again Dr. Thomas for your caring and compassion. Thank you to everyone at Hampton Roads Vet Hospice for all you do. ”


Mike Thank You email
Dr. Carmack, Please accept our sincere appreciation in helping euthanize Jake, our lab, on Monday.

His degenerative spinal disease had progressed to the point where his quality of life suffered greatly and we knew he needed to be euthanized. The decision was particularly difficult because my wife is overseas caring for a terminally ill family member and we couldn’t wait until her return.

His last days were spent being pampered and loved. His passing was peaceful and free of any anxiety. We owe this to you and the gentle, caring service you provided. In his final moments, you allowed him to do what he loved to do best. Lay on our living room floor, eat treats, and sleep with his head in my lap. He was a loyal, loving family member and he will always be loved and missed.

Additionally, we are giving our daughter, who rescued him, the clay paw print you made. She is at a conference in Japan and could not be here for his passing. It is a wonderful remembrance and will be of great comfort to her. We are very grateful and will recommend your service to all of our friends. ” 

Wendy Facebook
It is with great sadness that my family and Dr. Carmack helped our boy Tiki cross the Rainbow Bridge. Dr. Carmack was wonderful. She is so gentle and compassionate. Tiki was an 11 year old Great Dane that we rescued. He was skin and bones when we got him. Thanks to Dr. Carmak and her care, Tiki went peacefully to sleep. Thank you so much Dr. Carmack for all your help, care, and compassion that you have and for making Tiki’s last minutes so peaceful. ” 
Lindsay and Family Thank You email
Dear Dr. Carmack, I am writing to thank your colleague, Dr. Debbie Thomas, who came right away to help us with our 16 year old poodle, Ernie. He had had a bad night and morning, and his regular vet had no openings for several hours. Dr. Thomas came as soon as she could, and helped me line up the wonderful people at Cherish cremation pet services. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your service. Ernie got to pass away at home, in his bed, in his favorite spot in front of the kitchen sink. Dr. Thomas was judicious with his sedative so that he wouldn’t be alarmed or disoriented by the loss of consciousness. Ernie passed away laying comfortably in his bed, head in my lap, getting an ear rub while she eased his transition. Dr. Thomas was so gentle and empathetic, I felt no self-consciousness in expressing my grief. While I didn’t want a paw print, Dr. Thomas took a picture of us before his passing, and afterward helped me trim some of his long ear hair as a memento. I had no idea that a veterinary experience could feel so peaceful. Thank you for creating this service, and Dr. Thomas for being a wonderful person to whom I and my family will always be grateful. Ernie rests in peace, but he also passed away in peace, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 
Sharen Thank You email
Hi Dr. Carmack, I just wanted to thank-you for assisting me and my family with Ginger on Wednesday morning. It gave all of us a great deal of peace to know that Ginger was able to pass at home with all of us around her. I have lost other pets via the more traditional method and left the vet office feeling traumatized and guilty. I am so grateful for the service you offer to our community. You were a great blessing to our family. We miss our girl tremendously, but know she had a happy and long life with us, and we are thankful that she was able to pass peacefully in her home. Forever grateful” 
Monika Thank You email
Thank you so much for your kind words and caring thoughts. Sophie is very much missed; I see her everywhere and look for her at all her favorite hangouts. Even her nemesis, Annie the dog, didn’t eat for two days. The animal world is a very remarkable place, and this world has found a voice in you. Thank you for your compassion, it is very much appreciated. Also thank you for the donation made to Morris Animal Foundation in memory of Sophie. I’ll keep this Foundation in mind for my future donations.” 
Barbara & Jerry Thank you email
Dr. Tyler Carmack is a priceless gift in our community. For pet-lovers, she provides empathy, understanding, expertise and loving care during the most difficult times. Throughout their lives, our wonderful pets give so freely of their devotion, love and affection, that we especially want to give them the final gift of a peaceful, loving end. Tyler’s kindness, skill and knowledge make that possible. Tyler’s caring, compassion, and gentle touch meant so much as we said good-bye to our beloved dog Luna! Tyler was sensitive in every way to Luna’s needs for a peaceful end and our needs as we said good-bye. Tyler’s gentle, competent handling of every detail at such a terribly sad time meant so very much to us, and we will always be deeply grateful for her kindness and amazingly skillful handling of this painful time in our lives. Having Tyler come to our home for the final good-bye made Luna’s passing as peaceful as possible.

Our area is incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Tyler Carmack here to provide such an invaluable service to pet-lovers and those beloved animals we so treasure and whose loss is such a heartbreaking experience. How thankful we are that she is willing to devote herself to this unbelievably challenging work. Like so many others, we will always be deeply grateful to Tyler for the wonderful work that she does!” 

Sheri Facebook
Dr.Carmack is amazing! We unfortunately had to make a difficult decision & say goodbye to our sweet baby, Kali, in May of 2012. Kali was a 14yr old pit bull mix and one of the loves of our lives. Dr. Carmack made a heartbreaking situation bearable. She was so sweet, thoughtful, caring, empathetic, loving… and truly the list could go on. Her tender heart did not stop there on that dreadful day. She reached out to us afterwards with cards and a donation in Kali’s name to Virginia Tech. I could not be more thankful for her & her services.” 
Darlene Facebook
Dr.Carmack, you are amazing. I am so glad it was you who came to our home and take one of the most difficult decision we have been faced with. You amazed us with your calming nature, your professionalism, and compassion for Abbey and us, her family. Having you with us made this so much easier, if those words can ever be said during a time like this. Thank you so much. We love our Abbey!” 
Brandy Facebook post
A very special appreciation for the special attention Goldie received from Dr. Rowan and Cynthia at the Center for Animal Healing during her Chiropractic and Laser Therapy; and Acupuncture and Hospice care from Dr. Carmack from Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice. Without your help I would not have have the last couple of years with my little princess. She received the best care and I received the best service and advice. Thank ya’ll for everything.” 
Brenda Thank you email
I want to thank u for the services you provide. It made Winston’s departure so much easier for him. It has not been easy since his passing and his absence is felt every day. There are still tears that fall but only tears of happiness. He was a special dog to this family. Our family has and will remind the services you provide. Your kindness and caring showed through the process and made it that much easier to know his passing was done with sincereness. Thank you.” 
Curt and Aiko Thank you email
Dr. Carmack, We are heartbroken at the loss of our Daisy. She was a beautiful dog with a wonderful and gentle spirit that was our nearly constant companion for the last 16 years. The last few years were hard for Daisy and looking at pictures over the last few day from when she was a robust dog of middle age and younger we know that we made the right decision. We have many, many fond memories of our time with Daisy. And although painful for us, our last memory of her will be fond also, because of the gentleness of which she left this life under your care. We imagine that you profession as a Hospice Veterinarian is very difficult at times but we truly appreciate the gentleness and compassion that you showed to our Daisy and to us at one of the most difficult times in our lives. Thank you for your condolence card and your care!” 
Katherine Thank you email
Dr. Carmack Thank you so much for your kind words, through your email, and your cards. I so appreciate you coming out so late at night to help Gabby. Life is definitely not the same we are all having a really hard time. I especially did not expect the reactions from my other two doggies. It is going to take a long, long time for all of us to adjust. I may take you up on the Pet Loss Support Group since I am really struggling with Gabby’s loss. I will also visit the website as I would like to post a memorial tribute.” 
Judy Thank you email
Dear dear Tyler, you have been so kind. I am missing Cosette. She, and my other five dogs I have had, have been my best children and friends. We had a cottage on the shore of the Chesapeak Bay. I have pictures of me and my first dog, Cookie, sitting in a boat together and in my play pen. My arm was always around him. I think I was three. I emailed a shelter on Birdneck Road to volunteer to play and cuddle the dogs and cats but I have not heard back and I can’t find a telephone number. Than you for all your caring correspondence. They mean a lot to me.” 
Carrie Thank you email
Dear Tyler, My apologies for taking so long to respond! I just wanted to say thank you so very much! You were so very wonderful with the whole thing! I appreciate the card and donation, which I meant to thank you for! Gizmo was an incredibly special dog! I just try to keep happy thoughts of him! Every once in a while the sadness overwhelms me when I really miss him, but I know he’s so much better off now! I am so grateful that you could fit us in so very quickly! I’m glad you were there to help give him a very nice send off! I have to say that being able to say goodbye to him at home where he is comfortable and we are more comfortable is so much easier and more peaceful! I couldn’t imagine having to have come home from the vets office without him when we went there with him! So thank you very much for all you do and for being there for them! I don’t think I could really put into words just how amazing what you do is, and how wonderful you are! I have been recommending you to anyone who is, unfortunately, in need of those services.” 
David and Mary Thank you email
Tyler: There are not words to express how thankful we are to have met you. The experience of having your beloved pet go to sleep and cross over the rainbow bridge in your home is the only way to go. We have  had to do this many times in our life and with you it was so much easier on us but mainly on our boy Jake. Jake was in his favorite spot in the house with all the smells of home and surrounded by everyone that loved him so very much. Again, thank you so very much-you are an angel and a wonderful person.” 
Sandra Thank you email
Hi Dr. Carmack, Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and the donation to the Morris Animal Fund in Louie’s memory.  Thank you most of all for the compassionate service you provided for Louie. The hospice care you provided made his last two years more comfortable and we truly feel that, with your guidance, we made sure Louie enjoyed a good quality of life right until the end. He was a feisty little guy all through his 18 years, with a big personality and a fearless heart. Knowing that he was able to be in his own house and in the comfort of his own bed at the end made it much easier to accept his loss. The service that you provide is invaluable and we are truly thankful!” 
Claire Thank you email
Thank you so much for all of your kind notes and donation. Because of the way you eased Koda to a better place, we are doing quite well.  She was a special dog, so human like. Thank you for noticing how special she is.” 

Dana Thank you email
Tyler, Thank you so much for the love  and care you have given to me and my family . My love of Duke was honored with your care. Thank you for what you do and how you make such a time of sadness to a time of peace and love… Again, thank you and know that you compassion, love and work has been told to so many! God bless you !!!” 

Wanda Thank you email
 Dr. Carmack, Thank you so much for your thoughtful message.  Yes, there’s definitely a void in the house without UBC, but he had not been feeling well for a long time.  I take great solace in knowing his suffering came to such a peaceful end.  I can never thank you enough for providing the means for my beloved friends to die at home with no fear or anxiety. You’ve been a tremendous blessing to us!  Thank you for loving animals so much!” 

Jordan Thank you email
 Thank you Tyler, Spanky was an incredibly special dog and what we did was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I now know it was the right thing but at the time I hated myself for it. I am so impressed with the care and consideration you bring to your life changing line of work. My family and I are very grateful for that. The clay paw print is so special to us! As is the rainbow bridge story! Things are very different without the pup around, especially for my mother… Spanky was her companion for the last 6 to 7 years. As hard as it is for my sister and I, my Mom is probably taking it the hardest. She did attend the most recent Pet Loss Support Group at the public library along with my sister, unfortunately I couldn’t attend that night. I’m sure we will put together a memorial on your website. Thank you again for your kind words and thoughts. Time will heal, Spanky is everywhere now.” 

Carolyn Google Places
 Dr. Carmack’s care, compassion, and humanity will be welcomed by those who struggle with their pet’s final time on earth. She can not come more highly recommended by me for these traits and many more. If you’re looking for terminal palliative care, acupuncture, hospice treatment, or in-home euthanasia for your family pet, HRVH gives families the time and the means to say goodbye the way you want to: quietly, respectfully, and with love. No cold tables, bright lights, or loud noises. If you want to include your children, they will receive special attention, and her treatment of ailing pets is thorough and shows the love and respect she has for both animals and their people.” 

Amy Email
 Hi Dr. Carmack, Thank you so much for the nice note and the hand written card that you sent.  We truly appreciate everything you have done for us.  You came in to our life at a really stressful time, and somehow made it better.  I felt like you took really good care of Griffey, which is the best we could have hoped for in such a trying time. I miss him, but I know he lived a full and happy life.  He was done!  It was his time.  Here is one of my favorite pictures from his younger days.  I hope it makes you smile. I handed out your cards to a few friends, and am sharing my experience with you with anyone who asks. Thank you.” 

Darrell Yelp
I first spoke to Dr. Carmack about my Chesapeake Bay Retriver Misty Sweet Java, (JAVA) a few weeks before it became necessary, for her services, Dr. Carmack , gave me information,  an a few short weeks later on the 20th of Nov. Java was ready, I spoke to Dr. Carmack about her condition she made time in her schedule to come to our home an provide her services, she was patient with the many people in our home that day to support us,(Java was greatly loved) she made paw prints for 5 family members, and dealt with 2 of my crying daughters, not to mention myself, Java was so loved by us, it was devastating to see her go, Dr. Carmack, gracefully helped ease Java’s passage, and helped us, Java”s family with that passage, we could not be more thankful for Dr. Carmack.” 

Marlene Thank you email
 Dr. Carmack – Thank you so much for all you did to make a difficult day a little easier for me and for Oreo.  Making a decision that only God should make is truly one of the hardest things we ever have to do, but I know that it was the kindest thing for Oreo.  After a couple of teary days, I was able to think more clearly about what his life was like for the past couple of months.  And even if he wasn’t in pain, there wasn’t much there, other than the love and extra attention he got, that made his life a pleasant one.  It was hard for my youngest daughter – he was her cat – but she agreed with the decision and because she didn’t see him as much as the rest of us, she was able to look at it more objectively, I think.  That made it less difficult, too. Thank you, again, for your kindness, and for providing the most comfortable setting for Oreo’s last moments.  I have been pleased to share about your services with my friends and appreciate that you provide something that very few do.  Have a blessed Christmas, knowing that you are a true blessing to families.” 

Amy Thank you email
 Dr. Carmack, Thank you so much for all your support. You made a terrible experience almost beautiful by letting him simply go to sleep in my arms.  What a blessing.  I had imagined i would have to stuff him in his cage and drag him to the vet (which he associates as a very bad place) for our last minutes together.  You provide such an amazing and beautiful service by letting me honor my cherished kitty at home and allow him to pass peacefully and with dignity and respect.  thank you so much for what you do.  What a blessing! i have told several of my animal loving friends about your services.  I am deeply grateful for your compassion and professionalism. I have decided to go ahead and adopt two new kittens from a local shelter as there are many in need.  I found two real characters! and they are helping me not to feel so bad about Spyke.  He had a good long life and I want to remain grateful for the time we had together. Again, thank you so much for taking such good care of both of us.  You are truly a blessing compassionate professional.” 

Carolyn Angie's List
I am writing this from a unique perspective, I’m an owner of a pet sitting company here locally in Virginia Beach. We first met Dr. Carmack under extreme duress, when Plan A fell through and our client needed to help her beloved lab cross over. We didn’t know what else to do, but we had been hearing wonderful things about Dr. Carmack’s services, so our client called. Dr. Carmack not only responded in a ridiculously short amount of time, she arrived bearing bereavement gifts for the children of the house, including them gently and supportively. Her empathy and loving treatment of our client’s sweet dog, and also the grieving family, moved us greatly.  Another month went by, and we had a second similar situation, this time with a cat. Dr. Carmack again, was unbelievably responsive and exuded the love and caring that the family needed. In this case, the family was the co-owner of my company. We absolutely recommend Dr. Carmack and Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice based on her thoughtfulness, responsiveness and all around calming compassion. Additionally, Dr. Carmack demonstrated a well-rounded knowledge and interest in holistic and alternative care, with emphasis on quality of life. We will continue to recommend her to any client in need of her services, and are thrilled to hear she is now offering acupuncture. Thank you Dr. C. :)” 

Ashley Thank you email
 Hi Tyler, I know my mom sent a message to you already on Saturday, letting you know that we were very glad that we chose to have you assist us in this very hard time for our family.  But, I just wanted to send an email myself to thank you for the way that it was handled. Although we did not know you I felt as though we did based on your warmth and concern for everyone involved.  I’m so glad we chose to euthanize Trucie at home, it was of course a tough decision and hard for us to experience but I have been through worse experiences in the past when it involved an impersonal vet office.  Also, the book that you gave Alena was perfect!  It was very similar to Truce and what happened to her so last night when we read it Alena was able to say “hey that was just like Trucie” a lot. We have already baked the paw print and it is in a shadow box with pictures.  The hair clippings are in a clear ornament on a little Christmas tree in Alena’s room that she bought with her aunt and uncle yesterday. We will miss Trucie tremendously, and it seems so strange without her in the house, but thank you for being with us on her last day.” 

Suzanne & David Thank you card
 Dr. Carmack, My husband and I would like to thank you. Even though you did not meet Flyer and help us let him go, we wanted to let you know that it gave us great comfort knowing that the service you provide was available to us. Thank you for doing what you do. I have shared your name with several of my friends that have aging pets. Thank you for your conversations over the last three weeks. We wish you well in your mission to help families with the end of life process for their pets. ” 

Tricia Email
 Dr. Carmack, Thank you so much for coming to our house yesterday.  My husband had nothing but good things to say about you.  The paw prints that you took of Casey for our 4 children were wonderful.  We thank you for those and for the thoughtful children’s book.  I will be spreading the word about your service to my friends in need. ” 

Lori Email
 Thank you again for helping us with Winston. It was much harder that I had imagined, saying good bye to him. We all knew the time was coming; it was just a matter of when. Winston could be very stubborn, and it was obvious he didn’t really want to go, but that morning we both knew it was time. Having you there to help him pass made it so easy. You provide such a wonderful service, with love and compassion. I had thought about that day many times for Winston, and I really wanted it to be peaceful. He had been such a loyal companion to me and our family over the years, he deserved to go on his terms, with love, respect and where he was the most comfortable, at home. I know you really didn’t know him, but he was a good dog. I have enclosed some pictures of him with us. Thank you again for taking care of our dear sweet Winston.” 

Leonard Email
Thank you for the kind words. We received your card yesterday and we really appreciate it. The last few years we had Copper on pads. I was sad when I woke up knowing I wasn’t going to be changing her pads anymore. I was willing to change her pads forever and always be there for her because she was always there for us. She meant a lot to the family and it was like losing a family member. We didn’t want her to suffer anymore. Thank you for your service. It would’ve been a lot more difficult for me to take her to the vet. I will post a memorial tribute on the site soon. Thank you.” 
Heather Email
Hi Tyler, I cannot begin to thank you enough for your kindness. You have a good heart and a special bond with animals. Thank you for the card and flower seeds. It made me smile thinkimg of my sweet girl.” 
Lori Email
Tyler, We would like to thank you so much for helping us on Sunday. That was a day we never thought we would face. Your care and tenderness and professionalism was exceptional. We were so fortunate to have you. Thank you so very much for your card, seeds and thoughts. It has been a very difficult time for all of us. We miss her terribly. She was a part of our family and it is just difficult. Again, thank you for everything. As I said, your compassion and professionalism is exceptional. It takes a very special person to do what you do and we were very fortunate to have you. Take care and again, “thank you” so much.” 
Carrie Facebook
Thank you for making the roughest day of our lives a little easier. Your service and compassion are outstanding. Our hearts are heavy and our home a little emptier but you made the process much less stressful for everyone involved. We sincerely thank you. Our most loyal lab and friend, Blake Chase RIP 9/6/13.” 
Kathy Thank you email
Dear Dr. Carmack, Thank you so much for your email, and also for the sweet card with the forget me not seeds.  As soon as, we get a marker for Lucy’s resting place I want to plant them right near her.  She will always have flowers near her.  She was very special to us, and it is very hard getting used to her absence. I will definitely be visiting the website.  You were everything, and more that everyone said about you on your site.  I’m so thankful we had you to get us through that very heartbreaking day.  And thank you for thinking of us.” 

Carolyn Thank you email
 I wanted to thank you so much for the special way you touched my family in our sad time with Tally.  While I don’t have much experience with relief veterinary services (Tally was my first real pet), I know full well that your services were special; you are a true class act.  You made my children comfortable.  They were very brave to be there, but also very sad and scared (as was I).  You answered all of their questions and listened to their stories in an age appropriate way, and you met my own needs perfectly.

Thank you for the book, Sammy in the Sky, which I brought tears to my eyes when I finally got the time to read it.  I will read it with them when they return.  From the clay print, the kind note with the forget-me-not seeds, and book, this email, and your calm, nurturing nature, you touched us in a huge way.  I was impressed and grateful to have you help us during Tally’s last few moments in this world. I miss her, but know she’s free of pain and happy playing with her ball in the hugest bay in the sky, digging for crabs, barking for treats, and smiling down on us.  Thank you again.” 
Barbara Thank you email
Dr. Carmack, Thank you for your thoughtfulness and the kind and supportive sentiments in the card and email you sent. I’m very thankful to have found you online and that you were able to come and provide a peaceful end to our beloved Sadie’s suffering.  You made a horribly difficult situation so much less traumatic and definitely more comfortable for Sadie and for my daughter as well. I’m truly grateful for the service you provide and the caring gentle manner in which you do so. Yes, it is very different at home right now and I miss her terribly, but there are many happy memories and time heals. I will forward your message on about the support group and memorial page to both of my daughters. Thank you again.” 
Louise Thank you note
 Dear Tyler, Thank you so much for your lovely sympathy card and note, and the “Forget-me-not” seeds….I’d never heard of a vet hospice, but what a wonderful organization! I’ve told everyone about you and how you made a difficult occasion so much easier. I feel I bought Sasha a first class ticket to kitty heaven. I miss her so much, but I have such peace of mind over her departure in her own familiar surroundings, without pain, and such a compassionate guide. God bless you and your work!” 
Gail Facebook
 Thank you so much for helping us say goodbye to Madison. Your thoughtfulness, care and understanding won’t soon be forgotten. We received your lovely card and Forget-Me-Not seeds in the mail today. Thank you so incredibly much.” 
Patsy & John Thank you note
Dear Tyler, I can’t remember if we ever properly thanked you for your kind, professional, and respectful services last year, not to mention, the donation you made in memory of Hooch. Thank you! Animals and their families are blessed to have you as difficult as your job must be. Once again, thank you for thinking of us this year. It’s been lonely without our boy!” 
Melissa Email
Dear Tyler, I want to thank you for the compassionate care that you provided to Oliver during his treatment. It meant a lot to me that Oliver could pass peacefully in the familiar surroundings of his own backyard with the people who loved him most comforting him. I wish that you had met him before he was sick. Oliver, “Bear”, was a very special friend and companion. From the first day that we brought him home he was a loyal, sweet, goofy and yes a little neurotic boy. He lived life to the fullest, whether he spent his day swimming, playing fetch or laying by my feet making “bear” noises after an active day. He will be missed by our entire family, including Beau. And although, eventually we will welcome a new floppy footed chocolate lab puppy into our lives, Oliver will always have a special place in our hearts. I plan to recommend your services to all my pet loving friends for when they must make the difficult end of life care decisions. Thanks again for your help.” 
Richard Email
 Tyler, I am so grateful for your thoughts and concerns.  Gage was little puppy when we got him because no one else wanted him.  He was a great companion and loved my family unconditionally.  We loved him in return and worked very hard at spoiling him.  He will be greatly missed. I could not have had a better Vet. to come to my home and provide a much needed service for Gage.” 

Leslie Facebook
 Our most profound thanks for helping our dog Atta and my family yesterday. My children thought you were sensitive and kind, and very grateful our dog was able to die free of pain in her home surrounded by her kids who had loved her most of their lives. Thank you Dr. Carmack.” 

Lauren Facebook
Dr. Carmack, thank you so much for helping me say goodbye to my best friend of 19 years in such a peaceful way yesterday evening. I am so glad Snippy left us a happy boy, laying outside and listening to the birds. I am devastated, but I feel great relief knowing our goodbye was just how I wanted it to be. Your comfort, care and compassion relaxed us both and allowed me to see my boy out with a smile and good memories on my mind. Thank you so much.” 

Dave Thank you email
 Good Morning Tyler, I received your card in the mail yesterday, and wanted to thank you for your kind thoughts as well as the excellent service you provided us on Friday.  While it’s never easy, and you can always question if it was the right time to make that decision, one thing I am confident of is that it could not have gone any smoother, or easier than it did.  Allowing her to stay home, and have her final moments be in a place that she loved made all the difference.  Thank you again for the service that you provide.  I will definitely refer you to anyone I know who is in a similar situation.” 

Laurie Thank you email
Thank you for the email and thoughts. We really appreciate that you were able to come so quickly and help us deal with Tinker’s obvious distress so humanely. My worst memory has been taking my sick animal to the vet clinic and having to euthanize them in a sterile room with staff we never met before. Best gift we can give our loyal companion is to leave this earth laying in their favorite spot, as it is hard enough to do in the first place. Thanks again.” 

Maureen Thank you email
Dear Ms. Carmack, Received a card from the Morris Animal Foundation stating you made a contribution in Teddy’s name.  I can’t express my heartfelt gratitude in your compassion and generosity.  We miss Teddy terribly and coming home from work is so tough.  We do have wonderful memories but our hearts are broken.  Such love and joy Teddy has brought us. Again I thank you for helping us through this very difficult time.” 

Lori Thank you email
 Dr. Carmack, I wish to extend my sincerest appreciation for your professionalism, compassion and support you have shown me and my family during this difficult time. Several years ago I mentioned the need for a pet hospice to Dr. Klemm. Not only do you have a much needed hospice program you have a program that understands and cares about pets and their owners. In other words, you’re doing it right and you have the whole package from beginning to follow up. The card with the Forget-Me-Not seeds is so thoughtful and touched my family deeply. The card brought back many memories of taking her to the lake to swim and play fetch. She would wear us out.  Kitty wandered into our lives (our back yard) during a difficult time and brought us much joy. She came 2 days after our old lab Katie passed. Kitty helped fill the whole and it was like Katie never left us.  The kids grew up with Kitty and we will cherish all the memories. The donation to The Morris Animal Foundation on behalf of kitty is an enduring way to carry on her memory and our love for animals. Supporting animals, wildlife and science is where my heart is.  Thank you for introducing me to this organization as I will continue to be involved… Thank you again for listening and being there for all of us during a difficult time. We will remember her In her happy days and know she is in a better place.” 

Paula Thank you email
Tyler, Thank you. It is strange to come home and not hear that high pitched bark that I both loved and hated at the same time. Dennis had a good life.  I’m glad I rescued him and I’m glad I found you to rescue him from his suffering. Thank you for doing what you do.” 

Ann & John Thank you note
Tyler, John and I thank you so much for being so kind and understanding with us in our difficult time. Buster was like a family member and you made us feel so good. Also thank-you for making a contribution to the Morris Animal Foundation in Buster’s name. You are a very caring person and we cannot thank you enough! Thank you also for your e-mail and cards- it was much appreciated.” 

Maureen Thank you Email
Ms. Carmack, Thank you so much for thinking of us and for your compassion this past Saturday. This was my first time to lose a pet and Teddy was very special to us.  Didn’t know I could love him so much.  Yes our life is different now but most of all empty.  I’m finding out that I need to be as busy as possible but also to not shove down the grief but allow it to surface.  You are a very beautiful person and I thank you again for helping us through this very difficult time.” 

Rachel Thank you Email
 Dr. Carmack, Thank you so much for your message.  It really means a lot to me.  Chloe was a very sweet girl and such a special part of our lives during the short 7 years God loaned her to us.  Life won’t be quite the same without her with us in her physical form, but she has already shown us that she will be lovingly with us in spirit. We feel so very blessed that you were able to help end her suffering and give her the most peaceful and beautiful passing anyone could wish for.  I sincerely appreciate your patience and respect for our final moments with her and the special way you involved my daughter in the process, assuring us the difficult decision and unselfish sacrifice was truly the right choice for her.  The book was perfect, thank you, and the very special paw print ceremony has and will continue to help us both. Last weekend we layed her to rest at my parents house with our other beloved furry family members during a beautiful sunset service in the mountains of West Virginia, complete with happy songs and lots of bubble for her to “chase”. 🙂  Chloe continued to look so peaceful, like she was enjoying the best nap ever, until the moment she left our sight, which also has given us much peace. You are truly and angel for doing what you do and we will be forever grateful! Peace and blessings to you and your sweet girl.” 

Andrea Thank you Email
 Dr. Carmack, Dustie will be missed far more than we ever imagined. We appreciate how peaceful and well you did your job and we wouldn’t have done it any other way. Thank you so much for all your support and I look forward to posting something about Dustie so that everyone will know just how special he was.” 

Margaret & Ted Thank you Email
Tyler, I just recieved your sweet card and forget me not seeds which I will plant where I can see them every day. I just want to thank you for making Dixie’s passing as easy as you did, I don’t know how you do this everyday, but you made it easier for us to keep her home. I will surely reccomend you to my family,friends and neighbors when their animals time is near. Thank you again for your caring nature. It has not been easy so far but I know in time it will get better.” 

Anne Thank you note
Dear Dr Tyler, Thank you so much for your note. Things are a bit better today. Spent a lot of time yesterday letting Oscar’s fans know the sad day had come. He made a bunch of friends over his lifespan, helped several of my working students get over their jitters around the barn and my farrier ALWAYS, took the time out to pick him up and remind me that this was the dog that didn’t like to be held. I miss him horribly.  He left an indelible print on my heart. Your compassion and sincerity were so appreciated on Monday. Not to mention your skill. I never felt like there was any procedure happening. It was all about our saying our goodbye. You are a very special person to do what you do, and do it so well. I wish you could have seen Oscar as a young dog. He was always belly side up.  Heartfelt thanks to you.” 

Elaine, Dennis, Joey, & Zippy Thank you note
 Dear Dr. Carmack, Thanks for honoring and remembering our precious Buddy with a donation to the Morris Animal Foundation. We will miss him so much. Joey and Zippy are perking up some. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness and your sweet support as we said goodbye to our sweet boy.” 

David Facebook
 I’d would like to thank everyone that works with this place. When it came time for my dog Brandy to go they were there for her ( 3:30 in the morning) She was very helpful and kind. There is a special place in heaven for people like this. Thank you so much for all of your help. Your a wonderful person.” 

Elaine Email
Thanks Dr. Carmack for your sweet email.  We are working on a memorial for Buddy and will email it as soon as we get it done.  We could not have asked for a more considerate and loving way to say goodbye to our sweet Buddy.  You are right – he was a special little guy to all who knew him and needless to say our hearts are broken. With all thanks and blessings for all you do.” 

Jean Facebook
 Thank you, Tyler Carmack, for such a gentle touch and so much caring for Lucky.” 

Elaine Facebook
 Dr. Carmack: thank you for your sensitive care for our Buddy and for your support for us, his mom and dad. We miss him daily but are so thankful he could be at home when we all said goodbye. He just came back home from Cherish. We also thank you for them – Shirley and Judy are phenomenal.” 

Cindi Email
 You are a special Doctor, and I am grateful to know you.  Thank you for your gentle spirit and professionalism….This week has been very hard…I woke up Monday night at 3 am looking for him, and then I went to each rug in the house, laid on it to smell and sense him crying…I then posted a memorial on FB with a pic.  Frank and I loved Roxx so much, and he brought us so much in return. Right away, I developed 99 pics for my purse, so I could look at positive memories. Thank you for the extra special paw print, book and hair…It is so cute. You are one of a kind….and I am so thankful for the work you do.” 

John Email
Dr. Carmack…. I just wanted to thank you for your help with my friend Calvin today.  This was the hardest moment of my life but you made it as comforting as it could be with your attention to Cal and an immediate response and help to make my bestest friends departure from this life to his next as perfect as I could’ve ever planned.  I can’t begin to thank you enough for making this time in my life a little easier with your compassion and promptness in putting my friend Cal in a relaxed and peaceful place. There would’ve been a lot more sorrow and saddness in my heart had I not found you. With that, I thank you, Renee thanks you, and most of all, my friend Calvin thanks you…for giving me and him a peace that will never be forgotten.” 

Beverly Facebook
 Thank you again for what you do. I appreciate everything you did for me with my Casey Girl. She was a beautiful Corgi that passed in peace, with love, and enough fur for a dozen regular pooches. Your service eased my mind and allowed me to make the best choice for my girl.” 

Lisa & Jessie Facebook
 Thank you for helping us say good bye to Face. It was much less stressful for her and her family to be at home rather than bringing her into the office. I’m glad she is now out of pain.” 

Emily Facebook
Dr. Carmack, I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my family for everything you did for Sweetheart. You couldn’t have made her passing more peaceful or comfortable. I don’t think my mother would have been able to say goodbye to her in any other way, and you let Sweetheart pass with as much dignity as possible. We are truly greatful.” 
Melissa Thank you email
Dr. Carmack, I want to thank you sincerely for everything you did to make her passing peaceful.  Your assistance made a terribly painful situation much more tolerable.  And your words to us were just what we needed to hear.  The donation, the flower seeds, letting my vet know– you helped so much.” 
Lisa Thank you note
Thank you, Dr. Carmack, for all the heart, soul, love, and care that you gave Riley & Kodi (and us) during our heartbreaking time. Also, thank you for your contribution to Morris Animal Foundation in memory of our furry babies. We sincerely appreciate all you do.” 
Allison Facebook
 Dr. Carmack, Thank you for everything you did to help us out yesterday. We cant begin to express how thankful we both are for you.  We are grateful Mr. Freeze had a peaceful passing and could not bear for him to suffer. We miss him so much but he got so sick so fast and we could not make him better. You were the most caring vet we met.” 
April Facebook
 We received a letter from VMRCVM about the donation in Frito’s name…Thank you so much!!! When I opened the letter, I was just so touched by your act of kindness–it brought tears to my eyes! It meant more than you could ever know. The whole family thanks you for remembering Frito. We miss him so much, but we are forever grateful that you were there so he could be at home at the end.” 
Janie Facebook
 We received the letter regarding the donation made in Bella’s name. I can not begin to express the how much we admire you and your services. The world needs more people who care as much as you!” 
Angie Thank you note
Dear Dr. Carmack, I just wanted to thank you for making my final goodbye to my cat, Powder,  so much easier.  It was so comforting to have her last moments happen in her home.  I will make sure to recommend your wonderful service to all my fellow pet owners. Thanks again.” 
Janie Facebook
I can’t begin to express how thankful we are to you and your services. You made the hardest thing my daughter has had to do an easier process. You compassion and caring for how we as pet owners feel is like none we have come across. Being military, Bella was my daughters best friend always, no matter where we were. I am thankful they grew up together, and thankful you made the end process so comfortable and caring. This is how we will always remember her, happiest with her Kelsey.” 
Vicki Thank you note
 I am sorry it has taken this long to send a note of thanks for your services. Your in-home service was a blessing to us during such a difficult time.  We received such professional, patient care from Tyler Carmack.  She was so wonderful and patient with us while we had to make the painful, heartbreaking decision to euthanize our beloved 10+ year old chocolate lab, Burley.  Not only did she allow him to get comfortable with her, she took the extra time to explain the entire process to us.  She was able to provide comfort to us and leave us with a token of his clay paw print and a locket of his hair. Words cannot express how grateful we were that his last moments were peaceful and at home.  I highly recommend Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice and Dr. Tyler Carmack for anyone who is facing a painful decision as we were.  She will bring comfort to you and will assist in the most difficult process of letting go.”
Jane Thank you note
 Tyler, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping us yesterday and enabling Mangrove to have such a peaceful passing.  We couldn’t have hoped for a more dignified and pain free passing for our much-loved cat.  Although we miss him terribly it is very reassuring for us to know that he didn’t suffer at the end. The ladies at Cherish were very kind and sympathetic too. I’m attaching a photo of Mangrove and Basil (on his side) in the cat run so you can see what a handsome boy he was before his illness. Thank you again and for being so compassionate and understanding throughout this difficult process.”
Dempsey Family Thank you note
 Dr. Carmack, I can’t even articulate our gratitude we have for you today. Our hearts said goodbye to our Girl who gave us pure love and joy for 20 years, but your loving and gentle kindness will never be forgotten. With deepest thanks to you and the services you provide.”
Katherine Thank you note
Dear Tyler, Thank you so very much for your thoughtful help and support during this challenging time for me. Putting Beau to sleep was the right thing to do for him. Arriving to that decision was so much worse than the actual event. You handled it so smoothly, yet with kindness and a professional calm that definitely made it easier in some respect for me. Cherish Cremation was simply wonderful as well. I appreciate all that you have done for us.”
Susan Facebook
 Thank you Dr. Carmack for your special care with Austin….he passed peacefully at home ..with love surrounding him.”
Pamela Thank you note
 Thank You Dr Carmack for making Cuervos last day with me less stressful on us both and special, don’t know what i would have done without your service and compassion..I truly miss him, but I am spreading the word about HR Vet Hospice, and Dr Carmack. I could not have done this any other way, this was the only way for me.”
Susanne & Troy Thank you note
 Dear Dr. Carmack, We are deeply grateful for your kindness and compassion you have given Bailey and to our family during this difficult time. Thank you for the beautiful sympathy card and the Forget me not seeds as well, your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.”
Elizabeth & Neil Thank you note
 Dear Tyler, Words will never really express how grateful we are to have had your help and care during such a difficult time. While losing Sadie was the most painful experience we have ever had- you provided us with the confidence to make the best decision for her and a truly peaceful way to say goodbye. You will always have a very special place in our hearts.”
Tina & Todd Thank you note
 Dear Dr. Dean & Dr. Carmack- We are so grateful for the kindness you have shown to our family, both during and after Dempsey’s passing. It is a great comfort to know that after 12 great years, he died peacefully at home, with his family around him. Again, THANK YOU. Please accept this donation, to help you continue this wonderful service! I am sure, sadly, that we will be calling again in the future.”
Dee Facebook
 Thank you Dr. Carmack for being so compassionate and caring yesterday with my Haley dog.”
Christine Thank you note
 Dear Dr. Dean; Stephanie, Corey and I want to thank you for giving Skylar Belle Ambler the peace she so deserved. Though we have been sad, we are very aware of her presence every minute. Your compassion and caring service was so appreciated and warrants praises from all the lives you touch and help, furry and human. Thank you very much from the Ambler Family.”
Shawna Facebook
Thanks for working us into your long day yesterday. I struggled with trying to decide the best path to take yesterday, and now I know Sapphire is thanking me for not pushing her into a cat carrier, putting her in the noisy car, and taking her to the scary vet’s office. She was surrounded by familiar smells, sounds and family. I’m hoping potential clients will see this post and it will help them make whatever decision is best for them.”
Sharon & Gerald Thank you note
 Dear Dr. Carmack- We received your little note yesterday and we cannot say enough about your kindness. This whole ordeal with Jeremy has been most heart-wrenching. We are so sad and miss our little boy. Each day gets a little better and today we baked the adorable paw print. We poked a hole in it as you suggested. I’m going to get a small hanging collage frame and insert a couple pictures of him, then hang the paw print below it. The literature you provided was so helpful and interesting- we used it in formulating how to tell our 7 year old grandson about Jeremy. A huge thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
Grace & Randy Email
 Dear Dr. Dean, Though it’s one of the most difficult decision we made in our lives, we thank you for your gentleness and thoughtfulness during our final moments with Taka yesterday afternoon. Your process came together to make the best situation out of this very difficult time. I have attached some pictures of Taka and a poem that I wrote for my little boy.  Hopefully, you would be able to post this in your Pet Memorials. Thank you.”
Jeff & Loretta Thank you note
Dr. Carmack: Loretta and I wish to express our deepest thanks for the care and compassion you showed while helping us with Sam’s last day, Fri. Oct. 5. Having you come to the house so that she could be in familiar surroundings with Loretta and I there during her final moments meant so much to us and I have to believe made it easier on her. The subsequent card you sent to us was also very thoughtful and much appreciated. Our sincerest thanks for making Sam’s final moments as safe and comforting as possible.”
Carol & Jim Thank you note
Dr. Carmack- Thank you so much for your knowledge, care, and compassion you showed to Bonesy during her final days. Another thanks to you for the help and information you gave me during this sad time. Also, a thanks for the donation you made to VMRCVM in Bonesy’s name. You are a special lady. PS- We adopted a rescue cat “Lucy.” She is 4 months old and full of spunk!”
Theresa Email
Dearest Dr. Carmack, Thank you so very much for your kind and very caring ways in helping us say good-bye to our best friend yesterday. Louie was such a kind, sweet and gentle soul and we miss him more than we cna put into words.  You were professional and sweet and we just want to thank you again for helping us with this very sad event.  Thanks again Dr. Carmack.”
Amy Facebook
Thank you all for the love and support, especially my GA family who helped me make it through work today. To my very best friend (who’s not on FB) for being with my little Leah ALL day that last day when I had to be at work, couldn’t do life without her. What a blessing to me. Thanks to my Mom and sister for being with me for those very last moments with Leah. Thank you Dr. Honaker at Bay Beach Veterinary Hospital, he worked hard and with love to keep Leah with me. To Dr. Tyler Carmack with Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice, she couldn’t of made a hard, sad situation any eaiser. Leah was in ALL the best hands. My greatest of thanks.”
Mary, Jenna, & Mayla Email
I just wanted to share this picture of Lucy taken on 8/15/12 in one of her most favorite places.   Lucy was a very special dog and we will miss her so much.  You helped me to realize that Lucy was tired and needed peace.  Thank you so much for your help.”
Jimmy Facebook
Dr. Carmack, it’s been two weeks now since you came to our house and helped us with our beloved Sita. Linda and I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and compassion. Our little girl was able to leave this world with dignity and respect in her favorite place surrounded by those that loved her. Our deepest thanks for making that possible.”
Barb Facebook
For several months Dr. Carmack, you helped me help my sweet Mocha live out the rest of her life in comfort. You guided me when I had no one to turn to and you comforted me in my confusion about when and if the time was right to lay her to rest.  You are one of the kindest, most caring professionals I have ever encountered. Your calm demeanor and your strong love of His creatures captured me from the first meeting.Thank you Dr. Carmack for being the other person for me- and for Mocha. I could not have asked for a bigger blessing through the hardest of times. I appreciate everything.”
Chuck B Yelp
End of life decisions for our pets are so hearbreaking and personal.  I was forced to make this decision Monday as our 17 year old cat’s bad days had been out numbering his good days and he took a significant turn for the worse.Out of something so bad though, came something good and that’s Dr. Carmack and the service she provides.  I couldn’t stand the thought of my best little pal making a stressful trip to a vet and spending his last moments with me scared and unsure of where he was.  We felt so reassured after contacting Dr. Carmack and scheduling the time for Monday night.  This allowed us to spend time with him beforehand in his favorite spot in the world, outside on our balcony.  When the doctor arrived, she completely melted into our moment and showed the most amazing love and care to Bart and the both of us.  She allowed us to take our time saying goodbye and turned what was still devastating to us into such a peaceful journey for him, in familiar surroundings, with those that love him around him.  We should all be so lucky as to leave this world for the next in such a manner.Dr. Carmack also handled all of the after arrangements for us as well, which proved to be such a relief considering our state of mind after losing what is truly a member of the family.I hope I’m a long time from ever having to make this decision again, but I simply can’t recommend her enough for those who find themselves in a similar situation.”
Chuck & Matt Facebook
Thank you Dr. Carmack for the incredible amount of care you showed Bart as well as the two of us last night as we said our final goodbyes. I simply can’t imagine how we would have gotten through this if it weren’t for the amazing work you do and the loving manner in which you do it. Being at home, in his favorite spot and surrounded by so much love is how we should all be lucky enough to leave this world for the next. We will forever be grateful that you were here for us. Thank you so much.”
Shannon Thank-you note
I want to thank you for your service. Making the decision to put Clyde to sleep was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, up to this point in my life. I was thankful that having it done at the house was even an option. You were great! Professional, friendly, and compassionate. I will be forever thankful to you; that such a difficult and sad experience was as peaceful and comforting as possible.”
Katee & Randy Thank-you note
Our baby Colby, just shy of 13 years old, went to heaven on June 6, of this year.  My husband Randy & I dreaded this more than I can put into words.  She had been bad for a long long time, but it was only her mobility.  She was healthy and happy in every other way. Colby slept with ME every single night and every morning was a bit of a struggle to get her up and moving but she always got up.  On this day she looked at me with those BIG brown eyes and I knew she just couldn’t do it anymore.  Randy had already left for work, but I called him and he came home immediately.  On his way home he called Dr. Carmack.  She was at my house that morning.  She came back to my bedroom and Colby was so happy to see her – was not nervous or stressed at all. Dr. Carmack was SO good to her.  She even had chocolate for the FIRST time which she absolutely loved.  I thought that was so cool.  I said to Dr. Carmack “is that chocolate?” and she said “yep”….I said “she’s NEVER had chocolate before and she looked at me and said “I should hope not”…..:) Thank you Dr. Tyler Carmack for making one of the hardest things we’ve had to do such a peaceful and loving experience for Colby.  You have a special gift and I thank you with all my heart.”

Ron and Cinda Thank-you note
Dear Dr. Carmack, We will always remember your compassion for Buffy, and for us at the most difficult time of a pet owner’s life. You provide a great service, and do so with a warm, caring heart, and genuine concern for all. Your gentle manner calms both pet and “parent.” We also appreciate the donation in honor of Buffy’s memory to the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. We pray this College will equip and inspire students to be just like you. Thanks is not a big enough word, but then no word could express our appreciation for you.”
Chris Facebook
I just want to thank Dr. Carmack for helping my family today. My 13 year old lab Miles had a sort of stroke late last night-she couldn’t stand up, wouldn’t east or drink, just shaking her head back and forth as if she couldn’t hear or see. So I called Dr. Carmack this morning. She returned my call a few minutes later at 7:30am, and said she could come by this evening. My family was a mess-my two boys ages 7 and 9 have always known Miles. Dr. Carmack made my boys and wife very comfortable with the whole process, telling them Miles will go to sleep, not feel a thing, if you want to stay or not is OK. I’ve had many dogs put down over my life, but this was a very special and dignified experience. She gave us plenty of encouragement that this was the right thing to do, take your time etc. Miles passed so peacefully ending her sudden torment. I hope I don’t have to call Dr. Carmack again anytime soon, but it is nice to know she is out there helping families through this difficult life decision.”
Barb Facebook
So glad to have a place to tell FB how great Dr. Carmack is. The most kind, caring, compassionate Vet I’ve met. Thank you for caring for Mocha!”
With sincerity and thanks, Steve, Cay, & Sarah Thank you note
Dear Dr. Carmack- I wanted to send you a note to let you know we are so thankful for your guidance, support, and professional manner you showed to our dear loving companion “Macie Girl.” Your wonderful calming spirit is a gift and really helped guide and calm us through the unknown life process of losing a beloved pet. We will always be grateful for you coming into our lives at such a necessary and needed time.”
Sincerely, Gary & Karen Thank you note
Dr. Carmack- I was grabbing this note and then received your kind condolence card. Thank you! Even though we’ve only had one visit and a few phone conversations, we are totally convinced that you and your practice are a blessing to all pet owners that want extra tender care for an ailing pet. God bless you and wishing you much success in your caregiving!”
Very gratefully, Kim, Carl, & Family Thank you note
This is long overdue, but I just wanted to tell you how wonderful you are. I could not have imagined a more peaceful death for our dear Sinnet. We are still mourning, but at least we have those last moments with her. Thank you for letting her go without pain…We wish you well and hope that you’re around for our last baby.”
Rhonda, Jerry and Magellan Yelp
Thank you for helping us say goodbye to our wonderful doggie Magellan.  Our good bye was peaceful and calm.  We are so glad we found you when we needed you.  Magellan says Thank you too!”
Gratefully, Charles, Cheryl, & Mary Thank you note
Dear Dr. Carmack-
We want to thank you for the time you spent with us last week and for the wonderful help that you were with Chase. This was one of the most difficult things we’ve ever faced, but your caring and gentleness helped us let him go with peace and grace. Our hearts are broken and our house seems empty without him. But his clay paw print is a joy, along with the little pouch of fur. Thank you so much for each thoughtful step that you made in your process. You truly make a huge difference in our lives.” 
Sincerely, Kim Thank you note
Dr. Tyler you are just wonderful. I just wanted to thank you for how kind and loving you were to out Sinnet. She went so peacefully that I was amazed. Especially after the bad experience we had two years ago with out big male Siamese. You were heaven sent and I just can’t thank you enough for your kindness during such a difficult time for us. I know that we will meed again, hopefully no time soon. God bless you and again thank you.”  
Tami Facebook
Love this vet and what she has to offer! Very kind and skilled!” 
Sincerely, Tara Thank you note
Dear Doctor Carmack,
Thank you so much for your help and compassion with Star. It was truly a blessing meeting you and having your support that day. Although I miss her very much, I feel at peace with her passing into the spirit world. I greatly admire your dedication to animals and the kindness you give to their human companions.” 
Denice Facebook
On April 1, 2012; we were lucky enough to have Dr. Carmack help our beloved pet cross over into the never ending field where we pray that his sister and brother are there to meet him. I will forever be grateful for her respect and comfort that she provided to us in our time of grief. Thank You from the bottom of our heart for the service you provided to us and Clyde.”
Cindy Pray Facebook
Thank you Dr. Carmack for sharing in our final memories with Harley. We will forever be grateful to you for the service that you offer but mostly for your compassion, love and caring for our Harley! This world is truly a better place because of you and I think our 4 legged friends everywhere would agree!” 
Dr. Carmack is a very compassionate veterinarian. She came to the house and took care of my parents’ dog during her final weeks. In the end she was able to pass away comfortably at home. Dr. Carmack was not only there for their pet, she was there for the family as well.” 
Very Sincerely,  Diane Thank you note
Dr. Carmack,I will always remember the kindness that you gave Bobo. I feel so blessed that you were there when we really needed you. Yes, I do miss her terribly, but I had 14 wonderful years that I will always remember, and keep close to my heart. I loved her so much and took the very best care I could for her. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart.” 
Rudi R. Yelp
Dr. Carmack helped us to let our beloved cat Rudi rest today after a full life of two weeks short of 20 years. Dr. Carmack was punctual, caring and gentle. Rudi left us quietly and peacefully.Dr. Carmack’s professionalism and sincere compassion made this most difficult decision considerably less painful and traumatic, both for us and for Rudi.Every once in a while you’ll need an angel to help you through the hard times – she is the help you’re looking for.”” 
Veronica R. Yelp, Google
My family and I were so impressed by and thankful for Dr. Carmack.  Her compassion and guidance made our very difficult decision so much easier.””