Consent Forms

Saying goodbye to your friend is so difficult. Many people find it easier to take care of the necessary paperwork and payment information prior to their scheduled appointment.


Consent Forms

In-home Euthanasia Consent Form

Hospice Consent Form

Acupuncture Consent Form


Payment Information

There are a few ways this can be accomplished ahead of your appointment time. First, check our Professional Fees page to determine what the total cost of your appointment will be. If you are unsure, feel free to give us a call or send an email anytime to confirm your total.


Check: If you would like to write a check (made payable to “HRVH”) and leave it with the consent form, we can collect this packet when we arrive.

Credit Card (phone): Call us at 757-474-5968 at any time to process your information over the phone.

Credit Card (online): Visit our online marketplace here.