Integrative Veterinary Medicine

We are proud to offer integrative medicine as part of our house-call veterinary care services. Integrative medicine combines traditional Western medications and diagnostics with knowledge of Eastern medicine techniques to offer well rounded care for our patients. Dr. Carmack has been trained by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society and the Chi Institute in their post-doctoral programs in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. She has found acupuncture, Chinese food therapy, Chinese herbal medications, essential oil treatments, nutraceuticals, and other modalities to be wonderful tools to help treat aging pets without the stress of a visit to the hospital.

Integrative medicine can combine: 

Traditional Medicine & Surgery
Chinese Food Therapy
Chinese Herbal Medications
Physical Therapies (Reiki, Tui-na, Chiropractic, Cold laser, Assisi Loop treatment, Physical therapy, etc…)
Essential Oil treatments
Western botanical medications

See our individual service pages to learn more about each of these modalities and what they could do for your pet!