Integrity Earthurns

Ideal for earth burial

Integrity Earthurn

$35 (all sizes)

Introducing the Integrity design of Earthurn biodegradable urns, featuring a unique assortment of sustainably crafted, handmade paper urns. They are the perfect greener alternative to plastic, tin, and wood containers. The durable and attractive Earthurns are produced from the bark of the mulberry tree using an ancient technique that allows the bark of the tree to be harvested without harming the tree. The finished textured paper is sun dried before being used to create the urns. This collection of urns is suitable for scattering, biodegradable burial, or the temporary storage of cremated remains. The Integrity Earthurns are offered in two colors, Floral and Neutral.


Size                       Dimensions                                        Pet Size

X-Small                  2.38W” x 2.38D” x 3.5H”                      < 15 lbs

Small                      3W” x 3D” x 4.25H”                                16-30 lbs

Medium                 3.5W” x 3.5D” x 4.69H”                         31-45 lbs

Large                      4.31W” x 4.31D” x 5.69H”                     46-100 lbs

X-Large                  5.13W” x 5.13D” x 6.65H”                     101-162 lbs

Because we want to make sure everything is perfect with your order, please email us the details of your order, including any customization (engraving), size, and color choices for your urn.

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