Water Based Cremation

Because our care and dedication to your pet does not end when you have to say goodbye, we are proud to offer water based cremation to the families we serve. We wanted to give families the opportunity to choose a gentle, environmentally friendly option to honor their pet. Water based cremation is an emerging form of body care that is gentler to the environment. This process is also known as alkaline hydrolysis, water reduction, bio-cremation, green cremation, aquamation, and flameless cremation. More and more communities are learning about its benefits and joining the revolution to offer a more sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation.

Our system essentially accelerates what takes place during natural decomposition in the soil after burial. A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity is used to accelerate the natural course of time. At the end of the process, the body has been returned to its natural form in water. Remember – our pet’s bodies are 65% water to begin with. Similar to flame cremation, the only solid remains are the mineral ash of the bones. The ash remaining is a light sage color as it retains more minerals, is clean, and without carbon discoloration (blackening). Because the bone and ash needs to go through drying time, a day or two more is needed before ashes can be returned to families (if desired). Water based cremation generates a sterile, EPA neutral liquid solution of amino acids, peptides, sugars, and soap that is suitable for release onto the earth.

Private and communal services are both available using water based cremation. A communal cremation means the ashes will not be returned to families. Private cremation means that your pet’s ashes will be returned to you, usually within the week. Private chambers reside within the machine providing a complete barrier among individual pets. Metal identification tags are assigned to each pet upon entrance to the system in order to track their progress and ensure that each pet is returned home to their loving family.

If you are interested in a traditional flame cremation click here to find out more information.