Home Burial

Depending on your location, it may be possible to keep your pet at home for burial. You will need to ensure that your city and property type allow for lawful burial. Proper digging precautions should be followed so that no electric, water, or gas lines are damaged while preparing the gravesite. Graves should be dug so that the bottom of the grave is 3 feet above the high water table, away from standing bodies of water, streams, or well water. Graves should be dug at least 5 feet in depth so that at least 3 feet of earth may cover the pet’s body. Something sturdy should be placed over the grave until the ground is able to harden to deter wildlife and other pets from investigating the area. This is especially important if your pet was euthanized, as the medications given during this procedure can be fatal to any animals that are exposed to it. While this is an unintended outcome, it does happen from time to time across the U.S. and carries a heavy fine by the Department of Wildlife.

Many families choose to make their own burial boxes and grave markers, but we can also help if you’d like to order these through our memorial urn suppliers. We could be happy to work with you to ensure your pet has the exact right items for burial. We also offer body holding services if you would like to arrange for burial and would like us to keep your pet’s body safe until final arrangements are made. The service fee for body holding is $10/day or $150/month.

Pet Cemetery Burial

There is a local pet cemetery for those families who would like to bury their pet but are unable to do so at home. Garden of the Pines is located off of Salem Road in Virginia Beach. There are a variety of pet cemeteries located around the country. We offer body holding services if you would like to arrange for a cemetery burial and would like us to keep your pet’s body safe until final arrangements are made. The service fee for body holding is $10/day or $150/month.

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