Client Gratitude


Sometimes our client reviews can be difficult to track down since they can be anywhere on the internet. In order for families to hear what past clients have said about their experience, we have copied those reviews onto this page. You may still view them on the original websites as well. If you’d like to leave a review to help a fellow pet family decide if the veterinarians at Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice might be able to help them during this difficult time, please visit FacebookYelpAngie’s List, or our Google page and leave a detailed review. We value your feedback as we strive to make your pet’s final moments as peaceful as possible.

I wanted to take a moment to send this note to you. We want to thank Theresa Economos for seeing us on June 4, 2019. Her compassion and kindness is beyond words for us. She gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye to our sweet baby. Sierra was our little girl pug, and gave us so much joy since I rescued her from a puppy mill. We were so upset to make the decision, but Theresa said that we did make the right one. Our house is not the same without her, but she will always be in our hearts. I thank Dr. Rowan for his referral to you. He said you were great, and you are more then that. I also thank you for the paw print and the leaflets, they have come in handy for us and some great information. Again please tell Theresa we thank her from the bottom of our hearts. Such a wonderful and beautiful person she is.
Sierra's Family

Dr. Schacher,
Thank you for making a donation to the Morris Animal Foundation in memory of my little cat Jamie. I am very moved by your generosity. I also want to thank you for the gentle, loving care you gave Jamie as you helped her start her new journey. I will always remember your kindness and empathy during a difficult time. I’m sure Jamie thanks you too.
Jamie's Family

I am so thankful for gently walking us through the entire process by making sure to fully recognize our children’s presence and include them in the process, with easy to understand explanations and encouragement of questions. You clearly recognized and respected the special bond and love each of us feels for Bonnie. I am so grateful for the special care you showed us during a very difficult time for our family.

Many blessings to you and Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice.

Bonnie's Family

Dr. Carmack,
We are so blessed to have found you to help our little Annie during her last moments. It is hard to find the words to describe the compassion and respect you showed our girl Saturday morning. You also gave us comfort during a very difficult time. You continued showing amazing care and respect for her even after she was gone. It was such a comfort to see you loving place her in the basket, all of the time still talking to her and wrapping her so carefully in the blanket. While it was on of the hardest things we have ever done, you showed her the dignity she deserved. 

While we are totally broken hearted over the loss of our sweet Annie, we had to take a moment to give you a heartfelt thank you for being a part of her life, even for only a short period.

Annie's Family

Thank you so much for making Stella’s passing easier for us. The level of care and compassion that you showed was impressive. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience, all things considered. All the tiny details made such a difference – tucking her in with a blanket for example, just eased the sadness. Losing Stella is very difficult, but this was truly beyond what I could have hoped. So Thank you for treating her (and us) like Family.
Stella's Family

I am sending you this note because I feel that you need to know that your little act of kindness meant so much to a stranger. I appreciate your kindness, thoughtfulness and time to help someone out that you didn’t even know. You obviously are meant to do what you are doing.

Acupuncture therapy have made an extraordinary difference in the quality of life of our beloved Daisy. The benefits that we’ve seen include optimizing the function of her liver and kidney. It has helped managing pain in her hind legs (she is 16 years old) and improve her mobility. It has helped her temperament as she was kind of a nervous little doggie and now she is calm and able to relax. We noticed that she sleeps better and of course the effect in her skin and hair growth is unbelievable. We appreciate the doctors at the Hampton Veterinary Hospice for their genuine interest and commitment to make Daisy’s life better.

The Patricks

Dr. Carmack was wonderful. She was very kind and thoughtful and understood our emotions. It is very hard to make that end of life decision and the best thing for Loki my ferret was to be at home and comfortable- it was the best thing for him and for me and my husband as well. She treated him with the utmost care and compassion. He was at the end of his life because of cancer and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to honor him for all the years he made my life happy. She did a wonderful job and I would 100% recommend her services. I got to hold my baby and comfort him throughout the process which was a great relief to know that I could make him as comfortable as possible through this time. She made a paw print for me and treated him like he was her own. Thank you so much Dr. Carmack for being there in his time of need.


Kathy and I cannot say enough about Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice and Dr. Tyler Carmack. When we made the decision that it was time to say goodbye and let Honeysuckle go, we contacted Dr. Carmack and arranged for her to come to our home. It was much more comforting for Honey AND us to allow her to spend her last moments with us in her home, on her bed, surrounded by her brother and sisters. No trauma of putting her in the car and taking her to that aniseptic and cold exam room at the vet’s. Dr. Carmack was caring and sensitive, and helped ease Honey out of this world the best way we could have imagined. While it’s incredibly difficult to make the decision that we did to let Honey go, this was by far the best way it could have taken place.
To my friends in the Tidewater area, I would highly recommend, when the time comes, that you help your beloved pets move on in the best way possible. Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice and Dr. Carmack will be our choice when the time comes (hopefully not too soon) for Bonnie and Hattie, and years from now for Sam and Delilah.


I wanted to send an huge thank you for Dr. Thomas. Odie, our almost 14 year old Boxer was put to sleep on Friday by Dr. Thomas. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness, compassion and professionalism. As you know, this is one of the hardest things we have to do and I can’t thank Dr. Thomas enough for her support. I know it must be a very tough profession for you all, but being able to be at home with Odie and have his last moments be peaceful and quiet – what you all do is beyond wonderful and it takes a special person. Dr. Thomas helped make this very difficult time a little easier. Thank you again Dr. Thomas for your caring and compassion. Thank you to everyone at Hampton Roads Vet Hospice for all you do.

Emily and Pope

A very special appreciation for the special attention Goldie received from Dr. Rowan and Cynthia at the Center for Animal Healing during her Chiropractic and Laser Therapy; and Acupuncture and Hospice care from Dr. Carmack from Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice. Without your help I would not have have the last couple of years with my little princess. She received the best care and I received the best service and advice. Thank ya’ll for everything.


Dear Jeanette,
My deepest gratitude to you in helping our 15 year old beloved Westie, Bonnie, pass over the rainbow bridge this past Sunday. Your compassionate hugs and words during this heartbreaking and traumatic decision provided me and my family so much comfort. The ability to say goodbye to our sweet baby surrounded by the comforts of her own home made the heart wrenching decision to let her cross over more bearable.

My sincerest thanks to you and Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice for the critical, caring, and dignified services you provide to our community. I’m sure it’s not easy. My husband and I wondered out loud how difficult your job and your co-workers jobs must be every day in encountering such raw grief. You and your company are truly a blessing for pet owners facing decisions they are never ready to make.

Having a pet diagnosed with a terminal illness brings a lot of unexpected questions that can arise daily regarding their behavior, medications, treatment plan, etc. It is a very emotional and anxious place to be for many pet owners, especially if your animals are like your children. I always thought “hospice” care referred to care once there was “nothing else that could be done” so when it was recommended for me to contact Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice, I wasn’t clear on why I should until I was ready to say goodbye. I was very mistaken in my understanding. Hospice care provides support and hope to both pets and their owners as they try to navigate the different stages of an illness. My baby is still with us and hospice care has helped me explore alternative treatments for his pain in addition to his prescriptions, provided instant advice regarding some unexpected problems, and have been a real source of emotional support just by being able to give me the information I need in a timely manner to best care for my pet. They also get to know your pet as well as understand that as their owner, you also know when something is uncharacteristic of your individual animal, which is very important. They show a genuine level of trust, compassion, and understanding. I really feel they have been a beacon of light during a very dark time. I wanted to post this review so other people know that this is a place you want to contact BEFORE you are ready to say goodbye or you feel all hope is lost because I would have missed out had I stayed with my original assumption. Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice is there to make the entire journey of the illness easier for you and your furbaby.

Thank you Dr. Thomas for seeing Jedd today. You’re coming to the house was so much better than taking him to an emergency vet. He stayed calm and happy. I’m sorry I put off calling for so long, but will let you handle Jedd’s care going forward. Thank you so much for being there for us.


Dr. Carmack, Please accept our sincere appreciation in helping euthanize Jake, our lab, on Monday.
His degenerative spinal disease had progressed to the point where his quality of life suffered greatly and we knew he needed to be euthanized. The decision was particularly difficult because my wife is overseas caring for a terminally ill family member and we couldn’t wait until her return.
His last days were spent being pampered and loved. His passing was peaceful and free of any anxiety. We owe this to you and the gentle, caring service you provided. In his final moments, you allowed him to do what he loved to do best. Lay on our living room floor, eat treats, and sleep with his head in my lap. He was a loyal, loving family member and he will always be loved and missed.
Additionally, we are giving our daughter, who rescued him, the clay paw print you made. She is at a conference in Japan and could not be here for his passing. It is a wonderful remembrance and will be of great comfort to her. We are very grateful and will recommend your service to all of our friends.


Dear Dr. Carmack, I am writing to thank your colleague, Dr. Debbie Thomas, who came right away to help us with our 16 year old poodle, Ernie. He had had a bad night and morning, and his regular vet had no openings for several hours. Dr. Thomas came as soon as she could, and helped me line up the wonderful people at Cherish cremation pet services. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your service. Ernie got to pass away at home, in his bed, in his favorite spot in front of the kitchen sink. Dr. Thomas was judicious with his sedative so that he wouldn’t be alarmed or disoriented by the loss of consciousness. Ernie passed away laying comfortably in his bed, head in my lap, getting an ear rub while she eased his transition. Dr. Thomas was so gentle and empathetic, I felt no self-consciousness in expressing my grief. While I didn’t want a paw print, Dr. Thomas took a picture of us before his passing, and afterward helped me trim some of his long ear hair as a memento. I had no idea that a veterinary experience could feel so peaceful. Thank you for creating this service, and Dr. Thomas for being a wonderful person to whom I and my family will always be grateful. Ernie rests in peace, but he also passed away in peace, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


Thank you so much for your kind words and caring thoughts. Sophie is very much missed; I see her everywhere and look for her at all her favorite hangouts. Even her nemesis, Annie the dog, didn’t eat for two days. The animal world is a very remarkable place, and this world has found a voice in you. Thank you for your compassion, it is very much appreciated. Also thank you for the donation made to Morris Animal Foundation in memory of Sophie. I’ll keep this Foundation in mind for my future donations.


Dr.Carmack is amazing! We unfortunately had to make a difficult decision & say goodbye to our sweet baby, Kali, in May of 2012. Kali was a 14yr old pit bull mix and one of the loves of our lives. Dr. Carmack made a heartbreaking situation bearable. She was so sweet, thoughtful, caring, empathetic, loving… and truly the list could go on. Her tender heart did not stop there on that dreadful day. She reached out to us afterwards with cards and a donation in Kali’s name to Virginia Tech. I could not be more thankful for her & her services.


Dr. Carmack, We are heartbroken at the loss of our Daisy. She was a beautiful dog with a wonderful and gentle spirit that was our nearly constant companion for the last 16 years. The last few years were hard for Daisy and looking at pictures over the last few day from when she was a robust dog of middle age and younger we know that we made the right decision. We have many, many fond memories of our time with Daisy. And although painful for us, our last memory of her will be fond also, because of the gentleness of which she left this life under your care. We imagine that you profession as a Hospice Veterinarian is very difficult at times but we truly appreciate the gentleness and compassion that you showed to our Daisy and to us at one of the most difficult times in our lives. Thank you for your condolence card and your care!

Curt and Aiko

It is with great sadness that my family and Dr. Carmack helped our boy Tiki cross the Rainbow Bridge. Dr. Carmack was wonderful. She is so gentle and compassionate. Tiki was an 11 year old Great Dane that we rescued. He was skin and bones when we got him. Thanks to Dr. Carmak and her care, Tiki went peacefully to sleep. Thank you so much Dr. Carmack for all your help, care, and compassion that you have and for making Tiki’s last minutes so peaceful.


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