a compassionate way to say goodbye in your own home

A compassionate way to say goodbye in your own home.

In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services in Denver: Old Dog Playing Outside


We’ll give you all the help you need to make the best decision for your best friend.

In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services in Denver: Man Hugging Dog


A tool to help guide you on our recommended services based on your response to your pet’s conditions.

In-Home Pet Euthanasia Services in Denver: Cat Laying Down

Is My Pet
In Pain?

Pets are good at hiding their pain, but there are ways to spot discomfort in your pet.


After Death
Body Care

We can provide help and support if your pet passes away at home.

Caring Pathways: In-Home Compassionate Pet Care at Life’s End

Your pet is a cherished friend and companion. When it’s time to say goodbye, it can be one of the most difficult experiences of your relationship. Dr. Larry Magnuson founded Caring Pathways in the hopes of creating a different way for pets and their owners to say their final goodbyes: in peace and with kindness in the home setting.

As you enter this end-of-life journey with your pet, Caring Pathways desires to help you with expertise, compassion, and tenderness as you progress down the path. We are here to provide insight to help you determine when the time is right, comforting care to ease the passage of the last days, and peaceful, tranquil euthanasia to make the final moments together a gentle memory. There is a Caring Pathway for your pet’s journey.

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The Caring Pathways Mission

Our mission is to serve the hearts and minds of pet owners by providing peaceful, compassionate end of life care for their pets with honesty, integrity and respect in the comfort of their home.

Our purpose is to provide every pet owner the opportunity to receive gentle, compassionate care and to help you deal with the end of life issues surrounding your pet, including in-home medical assessment and consultation services, in-home palliative and hospice care, and in-home pet euthanasia, as well as body care, appropriate memorialization services, and helping guide you in your grieving process to the best of our ability, which may include outside resources.

We Come to You

Let the Caring Pathways team help you in your time of need. We come to your home to offer assistance and advice about your pet’s needs, as well as services to make your pet’s final journey a peaceful time for them and for your family. Please reach out to us today to learn more.

Webinar with Morris Animal Foundation: Navigating the End-of-Life Journey with our Beloved Pets

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Caring Pathways and Dr. Lori were extremely patient, compassionate and caring. Dr. Lori sat and talked with us as long as we needed. It’s with her genuine care and concern we were able to get through this heartbreaking situation.

– Lory & Ryan

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Safety Measures to Protect Your Family and Ours  
Our veterinarians will practice social distancing and will wear masks with appropriate personal protective equipment during their visit. Please partner with us by wearing masks and maintaining a 6 foot distance except for interactions as agreed upon by the veterinarian. We understand that restrictions may be lifted in counties around our service area; however, we ask that you please continue to follow our safety protocols at this time. Thank you for your cooperation and support in protecting everyone’s health.

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