Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice offers a variety of services via video conferencing technology. Telehealth visits provide even greater flexibility for pet families. This technology also allows for conversations amongst family members in multiple locations and provides the opportunity for all involved to ask questions and provide feedback in the decision making process.

Telehealth Technology

We use Zoom to conduct our virtual visits. Participants can join each visit without any additional steps, however, for a more feature rich experience we recommend downloading the desktop app. If you’d like to use your smartphone or tablet, you will need to download the Zoom App found in your App store. Using Zoom allows us to provide video recordings after each video consultation.

Telehealth Appointments

– Quality of Life Assessments: $175

– Recheck Appointments (*established patients): $125

– Medication Adjustment (*established patients): $75

*The American Veterinary Medical Association and the Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine require a physical examination for a veterinarian to diagnose and treat a medical condition and/or to prescribe medications. At this time, neither governing body allows establishing a new doctor-client-patient relationship via virtual means. Once we have established your pet as an active patient, telehealth management is available.

What is a quality of life assessment?

During a Quality of Life Assessment, one of our doctors can help walk your family through the decision making processes toward the end of your pet’s life. Many families are unsure if they are making the right choices for their pet- often wondering if they are not doing enough, doing too much, or if they are “keeping them around just for us.” These highly emotional decisions can be complicated and some families need professional assistance in clear decision making.

Quality of Life Assessments can help you determine if your pet is in pain or if their daily struggles are compromising their dignity and quality of life. Our doctors can offer additional guidance to help improve your pet’s quality of life- general treatment options, tips for giving oral medications, ways to encourage eating, and small changes in the home and yard to further support your pet.

Quality of Life Assessments can also help determine if other palliative and supportive care options are available. Our doctors will help your family decide if and when it will be time to consider euthanasia. Assessments will also include a description of how to prepare for euthanasia and what to expect during that visit. These discussions can be personalized to include advice for preparing for loss with children, other pets in the home, and any unique family circumstances. Our virtual consultations last approximately 1 hour, providing the time needed to discuss your pet’s quality of life in a non-hurried and supportive manner, taking into consideration your concerns and goals. Please keep in mind, our doctors may recommend an in-person visit to establish a veterinary-client-patient relationship if your family would like to pursue palliative care.

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