Pet Memorials


National Pet Memorial Day Water Lantern Ceremony

    Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice to host their 6th annual National Pet Memorial Day Ceremony in Virginia Beach. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA July 26, 2018 – Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice is hosting their 6th Annual Water Lantern ceremony in honor of National...

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A Memorial to Wilson

  Wilson stepped up from the very beginning.  When our little nieces, who live in Texas, went on our behalf to select a puppy for us they selected the one that stepped to the front.  That was Mr. Wilson and as soon as he was old enough he flew to his new home to...

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A Memorial to Maddie

Maddie 1/21/2012 - 6/11/2018   Maddie was our baby. She came into our life after we lost our 2 mini-dachshunds and filled the hole in our hearts with the joy she brought us.  She was a typical golden, loving every person and dog she met, though sometimes they...

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A Memorial to Rizzo

You were a firecracker. Your personality demanded attention. Still, you put me first even in your neediest times, by challenging me and giving me purpose when I felt vacant. Your happiness was my happiness, your strong will was my strong will, and your peace will be...

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A Memorial to Bugz

Bugz Bugz was born in 1997 and lived to be an incredible 20-years-old. Bugz was with me on my first day of kindergarten, and continued to be there through every other major milestone of my life - graduation, heartbreak, illness...Our...

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Memorial to Annie

RIP dear Annie.  We were so lucky to adopt you from Rainbow Animal Rescue when you were a young "wild and crazy" rescue pup and you quickly became an integral member of our family.   You were such an amazing, adorable, sweet, and devoted companion -- my furry BFF....

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A Memorial to Norfolk K9 Tiko

Norfolk K9 Tiko 2003 - 2/20/2017 By Handler, Shawn Jacobs It is with great sadness that my retired Norfolk K9 dog “Tiko” has passed away. Tiko had been a part of my life for 11 years. In 2005, my first few weeks in the Norfolk K9 Department had me wondering what I had...

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