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Our Hospital Partnership Program recources page will give you exlusive access to our professional end-of-life care rescources to provide to your clients and staff. 

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End-of-Life Care Resources

Below are helpful end-of-life care resources, links and documents that you can share with your clients.

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Grief Support Services

  • Individual Phone Appointments
  • Ceremony Planning
  • Anticipatory Grief Support
  • For a client to request a callback, please contact our office at 720-287-2553 and our team will have our Grief Support Specialist, Mandi Browning get back to you within 48 hours.

Join Our Hospital Partnership Program


Since 2010, we have provided compassionate in home end-of-life care for families and their companion animals along the Colorado Front Range. We have been so grateful for your referrals over the years and we have launched this partnership program to give back to our referring hospitals and broaden our support for families.

Our Hospital Partnership Program allows us to offer discounts and continuing education to partner hospitals, aid in client retention, and reduce burnout and compassion fatigue among staff. It also creates a more seamless referral process for your patients in their end-of-life journey.

Benefits for Your Hospital

  • Did you know that research suggests 20–25% of pet owners change vets after pet bereavement? (Compassion Understood, 2020).
  • Referring end-of-life cases to Caring Pathways may increase client retention following the loss of a beloved pet.
  • End-of-life care in the home environment can greatly reduce stress for your clients and patients.
  • Referring end-of-life cases may also reduce compassion fatigue and burnout among your staff.
  • We offer discounts and end of life continuing education to our partner hospitals. This includes online or in-person training by members of our team.
  • We are committed to referring clients back to your hospital for recommended diagnostic testing and procedures.

A Testimonial From a Veterinary Professional

“Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is so difficult and sad. As a veterinarian, I have assisted many clients with this transition for their wonderful pets. But when it came time for my sweet girl, Poppy, I needed help so that I could just be present as her mom through the process.

Caring Pathways was great to work with, from the first phone call through their communications in the days after our loss. Dr. Gina Singleton was amazing in her compassion for my family (both pets and people), her professionalism and her consummate skills in giving Poppy a painless and peaceful passing.

I will confidently recommend Caring Pathways and Dr. Singleton to friends, family and clients and I’m so grateful that this service is available in our community. I extend my deepest gratitude to everyone at Caring Pathways.”

– Dr. Lisa McCarthy, Owner, Midtown Veterinary Medical Center in Fort Collins

Contact Us

Contact Dr. Chelsea McGivney, Caring Pathways General Manager, at dr.chelsea@caringpathways.com to learn more about our Hospital Partnership Program.

We are honored to be the first AAHA Accredited End-of-Life Care Practice in the Virgina Beach area.

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Let us bring you lunch! We would love to visit you and your staff to share more about who we are and how we can help pet’s in their end-of-life journey.

Join Our Family

Do you long for a deeper connection with the clients that you serve? Our supportive culture enables veterinarians to deliver excellent end-of-life medical care while serving all involved with compassion.  Our veterinarians appreciate focusing on the quality of heartfelt connections with families and their pets without being rushed.

2nd Annual Pet Memorial Event: Photo Gallery

Conferences and Event Calendar for 2023

  • AVMA Conference in Denver (July 14th -18th)
  • National Pet Memorial Day Event (September 10th)
  • IAAHPC Conference (September 28th – October 1st, 2023)

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