A Memorial to Bella

Apr 13, 2019


Some days we vividly remember like yesterday. My husband and I were driving in our neighborhood when we first saw Bella – an Old English Sheepdog and a rarity for Southern California. With the wind softly blowing through her sheepdog hair, one could see her beautiful brown eyes and smile on her face as she excitedly trotted downhill leading the pack of walkers. When we pulled over to ask her name, the lady informed us that they Bella needed a new family since her owners could no longer care for her. My husband and I incredulously looked at each other, both thinking the same thing: “Could we be so lucky to not only own one, but two sheepdogs only a year apart?” In few days, Bella was not only the newest member of our home, she was Wilson’s new best friend, emulating everything he did – even learning to stand her ground in front of the pantry door until we gave in to give her a cookie. She loved her brother, loved us and, most of all, loved life. Her furry white face was one full of pure happiness and love. And, she was always a trooper doing everything and going everywhere with us – even across the country. The next nearly 14 years were ones that we wouldn’t trade for anything. “You’re the best Bella ever made” and “everybody loves Bella” were words that she heard multiple times daily and were also the ones she heard as she took her last little breath. It’s hard to let her go, but we know we’ll see her again at the Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye, Miss. B. Mommy and daddy love Bella.


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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