Dr. Floyd Memorial

May 14, 2012


Dear Dr. Floyd,

You have been with Nanny and Pap-Pap for a month and a half, yet not a day goes by that I don’t cry and not an hour goes by that I don’t miss you.

I loved you so much, and I know in your own way, you loved me too.  I know wherever you are, you still do.  I told Matt in his birthday card last month that I have two buddies in heaven, and two still here.  You and Nanny are my buddies in heaven.  Watch over me, and Matt, and mommy.  I know they miss you too, and I am so grateful that they were able to say good-bye to you as well.

The school picture of us two came out so well.  I’m sorry you weren’t able to see it, but you did see it on the ID card (and rubbed your whiskers against it!).  It is the most special picture of me ever taken.  You and I both look so happy, and I know it shows how we were best friends.
I miss you licking my hair, I miss you sleeping on the bed with me, and I miss the scratches on my hands from you playing with me.  I will always miss these things, but I know that when we meet again someday, the first thing you’re going to do is lick my hair — I know it.

I could write many pages of all the things we did together, and how much they meant to me.  I will always cherish the fact that we were driving in New York City and looked out the window together at the Empire State Building.  Right when we were doing it, I knew it was special, and it always will be.  You visited 8 states, went to New York, AND your name is inside an ammo box on the New Mexico border as well as 1,500 miles away on a brick in Edenton.  Not bad at all for a stray cat from the junkyard. 🙂

I told you when I took you inside that I hated taking you away from the junkyard, but I needed to, as you would have a FAR better life with me than anything you would have had if I left you back there.  I know that to be true, and I’m sure you know it too.  I cry when I think of what would have happened to you if I left you behind, but then I remind myself that didn’t happen.  You were well-loved and cared for all through your life, and you were in the safest place in the universe you could have been at the very end: on my shoulder.

Tell God that I thank Him for all the years He gave you to me.  Tell Him as well that I am very thankful for the blessing enabling you to jump on the bed with me again, and — especially — for playing the little jingle on the radio that last Sunday you were with me.  I know that came from Him, and that was very very special to me.

Just like St. Gerasimus and his lion, I will make sure that me and you (as my Little Lion) will always be together forever.  It’s going to happen; I promise you.  When our time on Earth is long past, you and I will still be together.  I am planning that when my time comes, my last words are going to be “Okay Dr. Floyd, here I come…I don’t know where you are or how long it’s going to take me to get there, but I’m on my way.”  And, just like when I said that in Oklahoma when I was coming for you, I know you’re going to hear me.

Tell Nanny and Pap-Pap and I love them, and thank them for getting through to me over the years — and, if they can, ask them to help you to get through to me too.  I have sensed that you’ve been hanging around me, but if it’s possible for a more definitive message, please make it happen.
Regardless of what happens, I love you and always will.  I’m getting a tattoo of your face over my heart when I take your stuff out to Oklahoma.  That’s where it belongs.

Take care until we meet again…because I will be coming for my Buddy Buddy again someday, I promise.



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