In Memory of Aksel

Oct 5, 2020

Aksel loved life. He loved to play with balls of all shapes and sizes. He loved to chase bubbles. He loved squeeky toys and tearing them up. He loved food and would eat anything but his favorites were peanut butter, whipped cream, apples, doggie crack (dried hotdogs) and bacon. He would come running by the sound of canned whipped cream or the sound of biting into an apple. He loved to help his mom garden and would chase down every weed pulled. He loved to play with bugs and would scramble to the rescue everytime he heard a scream over a bug. He loved to dig water in his swimming pool, bite at the water from the sprinkler or hose but especially he loved to watch the fish and swim at Smith Mountain lake. He loved to protect his home, fence chase, and bark at unknown sounds. He loved to chase squirrels and bees flying by. He loved his backyard and spending hours outside with the whole family. Most of all he loved his humans. His brothers Ryan, Reyden, and Roman (whom he watched like a hawk). He loved his dad and always wanted to make him proud. Most of all he loved his mom. She was the center of his world. He followed her everywhere, was always at her side, and he never took his eyes off her. He was the bestest friend who loved fiercely and unconditionally.


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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