In Memory of Lucy

Jan 11, 2021

Lucy came into our lives as sort of a rescue. Our nephew and his fiancé had her as a puppy but because they were both First Responders there were lots of lonely days and nights. When the fiancé left our nephew realized he could not give Lucy the best care so we started a “trial” that lasted 14 years. From the moment Lucy came to us she was always at someone’s side. She would always lay next to you on the couch or in bed, made us think she was making up for lost time and transferring all the sadness and ills from us to her. We always marveled at how such a little dog could command so much of the bed. Lucy would be there to greet us at the door and was ever vigilantly alerting us to the kids playing out front, delivery trucks going down the street or just the leaves rustling in the wind. She had her own circle dance for treats and carrots. Lucy, please forgive us if we made you hang on too long but it has been so hard without you. The chair is still next to the bed in case your spirit needs a little boost. We know that you are now without cancer and pain, playing with Madi again waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge. We can never thank you for all you gave to us.


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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