In Memory of Tater

Mar 31, 2020


Tater came to us, as a rescue, in the spring of 2008. Never would I have imagined just attached I would become. He would meet me at the door, when I came home from work. Follow me all around the house, trying to figure out what “Daddy” was doing. He absolutely loved the words “Let’s get dressed”. He knew that that meant we were going for a walk. In the almost 12 years we had him, Tater become, not just the family pet. He become my “Little Buddy”. Like most Beagles, Tater was rambunctious, head-strong and forever hungry. On walks, he would follow his nose. Trailing whatever had been on his path not so long before. He was also, as with most Beagles, the most loving and gentle dog you could ever meet. While animals have no concept of time, Tater always knew when it was breakfast time, supper time and snack time. When it was time for bed, he would make his circles, then, curl up against “Daddy’s” legs. Snuggled in, he would sleep the rest of the night. Tater had quite a few “cousins” during his lifetime. The cousin he had the most playtime with was Scrappy. A half-Lab/half-Beagle mix. She left us just last year. I just know they’re playing together again. There is not enough words, or space, here to tell you just how much love and joy Tater brought to us while he was here. While I love the thought of seeing him again, I honestly don’t know if dogs are in Heaven. If not, I can see why. I believe that dogs are the most perfect and loving beings that God has ever graced humans with. And if they’re not allowed in, it’s not because Heaven is too good for them. It’s because they’re to good for Heaven. Cross that bridge, Little Buddy. My little “Spud”. Romp and play forever more.


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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