Taka Memorial

Nov 4, 2012

One Last Kiss


I’ve cried a bucket of tears

I knew this day will come

If I could do something more, I would

The longer you stay, the happier I would.


A trip to where you and I first met

If you’d eat, I’ll give all your favorite treats

A final car ride, a walk at the beach

If there is anything more, I’ll give you all that you need.


I wish the world would stop and this day would not come

I wish you know how much you’d be missed

My heart is aching as the clock continues to tick

I wish I could make you feel better, I wish you were not sick.


As I cuddled you for one last time

You were surrounded by family, your toys and all that was yours

You looked at me, as if you knew

“You’re the best, thank you, I love you but it’s time to go”.


The clock stopped the minute you died

You took a piece of my heart, it will always be void

The emptiness has settled in, and when I felt your heart not beating

I cried like a baby, I was shaking.


One last kiss, I said goodbye

I am torn, but your suffering and pain is gone now

One last kiss, no this is not the final goodbye, we will see each other again

I have your memories in my heart and mind.


Taka’s Mommy




Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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