1. Paw Friction: $34.99. Know a senior dog who is slipping and sliding all over the house? Paw Friction can help older dogs gain traction on slippery floors and re-gain their confidence and independence around the house!

2. Toe Grips: $34.99. Toe Grips are rubber grips that fit snugly on the nails to help get additional traction when walking on hardwood or tile floors. These can be used together with Paw Friction for maximum benefit!

3. Snuffle Mat: $28.79 (plus 10% off with coupon!). A snuffle mat can be used to simulate foraging for food and encourage older dogs to use their nose to “hunt” for treats and food buried in the fabric.

4. Food Puzzles: $11.99. Food puzzles are a great way to stimulate the mind of a senior dog and to keep them on their toes. Older dogs can learn new tricks!

5. Bark Box Subscription: $35+. Subscription boxes are a wonderful way to give a special senior pup new treats and toys each month.

6. Wifi Monitor: $39.99 (plus 15% off with coupon!). Worried about your senior pet while at work? Use this affordable monitor to connect to Wifi and check on them via your phone.

7. Yoga Mats: $5 and up. Yoga mats are an easy-to-clean, inexpensive option to cover slippery floors and allow senior pets to walk a little more easily.

8. Pet Tunes: $59.99. For a splurge item for a senior pet, pet tunes provides specially composed calming music for dogs. Older dogs can be increasingly anxious as they become less agile and mobile.

9. Photo Session: $100+. All of our pet families treasure the photographs they have of their pets. Taking the time to have some professional family photos taken is a special treat and one that will keep giving!

10. Sling/Harness/Lifejacket: Another mobility aid that can really benefit senior dogs is a rear-limb harness or sling. In some cases a sturdy lifejacket with a handle can work as well and might be a more affordable option.


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