Pets are part of the family, but sadly, they’re only with us for a season. Once that season nears its end, a decision must be made about helping them make their end-of-life transition. Of course, this is never an easy task. At Caring Pathways, we understand how difficult this time can be for a pet owner, so we want to help make it easier. Our mission is to provide gentle, compassionate care for pets in their final life stages as well as grief support services for their owners. Founded by Dr. Larry Magnuson, Caring Pathways has been providing in-home end-of-life care services since 2010 to pets in the Denver Metro and surrounding areas.

What Makes Us Different

Dr. Magnuson and the rest of the team at Caring Pathways have years of experience working with pets, both professionally and personally. That’s why operate on a very personal level to ensure that we give pets and their owners the care and attention they deserve. Although we only offer end-of-life services for pets, we are staffed with more than half a dozen licensed veterinarians who can assist with a number of pet health needs. We are committed to providing the highest caliber of excellence with 100% of our focus on these needs. We also take all the necessary time to listen to our clients so we can grant their requests as well in a caring, tactful manner.

About Our Services

Because we know how emotional and painful saying goodbye to a pet can be, we are proud to offer all of our end-of-life services in the comfort of our clients’ homes. The services we offer to pets in the Denver Metro and neighboring areas include:

Caring Pathways is committed to offering every family a personal, caring experience during their pets’ final days. If you think your pet’s life season is coming to an end, please fill out an appointment request. Our team will be happy to assess your pet and determine the next step to take to make him or her as comfortable as possible.


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