Crysta Memorial

Apr 5, 2014


Feb.1998 to April 5, 2014


You are a beautiful white kitty with eyes of blue and one green

The gentlest spirit we have ever seen

Sarah and I found you at the SPCA
We saw you and knew there was no walking away


You were swatting at all the passers by
It was that funny action that first caught our eye


We loved you so much we knew you needed a famous name
So Crysta the fairy from Fern Gully is your claim to fame.


By my side each night with purrs of love
I believe your purrs will be heard in heaven above.


Our angel is an angel we will dearly miss
So sad to have to give you one last kiss


Like on earth as is heaven when it is my time to depart
I know you will be there with a warm open heart




Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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