Cookie Memorial

Dec 6, 2013


Cookie and I stumbled across each other when she chose my sister’s barn to hide out in and steal horse kibble to survive. Special from the start she gave me 14 years of joy and fun. She loved to race as fast as she could around the fields, slowing down to tease the other dogs and then taking off again to leave them in the dust. Happy and carefree her favorite walks included water in any form that allowed her to jump in the shallow pools, creating waves that she could bite and soaking everyone around her. She hated to swim though and was thoroughly shaken one dark night when she was racing around my sister’s backyard and unable to see, ran straight into the swimming pool. She could leap 4 feet in the air from a sitting position and disappear over the fence before you could gather your thoughts to call on her. That was the whippet in her. She was mischievous and adorable and oh so smart. A very special little dog that I’m thankful to have spent every one of the last 14 years with.

 RIP my little doodlebug!


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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