Jinger Memorial

Nov 25, 2013

To our Jinger:


It started out seeing a Pembroke Corgi on TV, I think the Westminster OR Eukanuba Dog Show. We fell in love with your breed. So about a year after we moved to our home there was the ad in the paper. NC breeder, no papers but a fullbred Pembroke Welsh Corgi we wanted a female and you were available.

When we went to check you out at 8 weeks of age your surroundings were less than adequate, so we did not
leave without you. You met our Peppar girl who we adopted from the SPCA and although she looked at you like ,,, Who the heck is this? , you soon became close friends and buddies for life.  You were temperamental but you walked like you should be in a Dog Show, head up high and so proud. You did not like riding in the car that is why Daddy and Mommy called Dr. Carmack, we could not see you upset on a car ride to the vet.


You filled our 15 years of your life with happiness with every walk,  belly roll and tennis ball we threw for you. Even though the last year was anguish knowing what we needed to ultimately decide, we tried to help you the best we could medically. You were not the same after Peppar left us when she was 17 and you were 13 but our Lacey and Luna helped you sustain 2 more years. Doggie Dementia is real and you had it but that was the least of it , you lost your hearing and still that was not so bad. Your pain was in your bladder and even though we tried to help you and it worked for a bit your body was

JingerMarieDavis2giving out. You paced and panted, you looked at us at times like you knew us and at other times as if to say who the heck are you? Then you had the one seizure we saw, not sure if there were others we were not aware of. We tried to pet you and console you and cuddle but even that you rejected. The tough decision came. You were at home with Mom, Dad, Joseph and your  2 Cardigan Corgi buddies Lacey and Luna. You looked so peaceful finally you were at peace and out  of pain. You and Peppar can romp and play like you always did forever healthy and happy.

You are in our hearts forever, we love you and miss you everyday. Mom, Dad, Joseph, Lacey and Luna



Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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