Sydney Memorial

Oct 25, 2013


1999 – October 7, 2013


When I met Sydney at the CT Humane Society, it was love at first sight, for both of us. As I walked around looking at the cats, Sydney kept looking at me so intently. There were other people there, but he picked me I think. I could not stop thinking of how this beautiful cat was left at the shelter. I learned that he has been in and out of the humane society a few times, that his name was “Angel” and he was a favorite among the staff there. I knew I had to take him home. He inherited the name Sydney and was immediately my best friend. Over the next 13+ years, Sydney gained lots of human friends and fans through my family, friends and various pet sitters. He was by my side through everything; he was my rock. Sydney’s greatest trait was how loving he was. Even people who are not “cat people” fell in love with him. He always wanted to be as close to me and his “dad” as possible, often spooning on the couch with one of us. Sydney was also very silly and playful, in his younger years sometimes jumping clear across the room to chase a toy. He was an excellent indoor hunter and loved watching the outdoor wildlife from his favorite window spots. Sydney was loving and playful up until his last days with us. We will always be grateful that Sydney was a part of us and we will cherish him in our hearts forever.


We love you Sydney!!





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