Jul 8, 2022

On June 27, 2022, I crossed peacefully over the rainbow bridge 🦮🌈 I was fortunate to be in the comfort of my home with my favorite people holding me every second of the way.

I cannot fully express the gratitude I have towards my family. They truly loved me more than anything else in the 🌎 . So many years ago, I felt lost, alone, and unwanted…that is until these two humans showed up to the shelter to meet me. I promise that I tried to contain my excitement, but couldn’t help myself and just had to show off a bit with my zoomies. The shelter said to them, “if you want a dog that is going to relax by the fire or snuggle with you, that’s not Harley.” They took a chance on me anyways. I knew I had to prove her wrong and so I did!

December 7, 2012 was the best day of my life because I was blessed with a forever home. This home, and my new people, were heaven sent. I knew they were not going to give up on me like my last owners did. In fact, Daddy told Mom “no matter what, there is no turning back.” Immediately, I felt the power of their love. We snuggled, we hiked, I loved car rides, long walks, and the beach was my favorite🌞🌊. They spoiled me from the very first day until my very last day.

To my loving parents~ I am sorry that you are sad and heartbroken 💔 I am too. Thank you for being selfless and letting me go. Cancer sucks. You did everything in your power to make it better. Surgery helped, chemo helped for awhile, but lately I’ve been putting on a brave face and trying to hide the pain. We fought the fight as long as we could, but my body is tired. I know this was the hardest decision that you both ever had to make. That’s why I showed you the last couple of days that I did not feel well and that I was ready. I was not the dog I used to be. I could no longer run, it was painful to walk, I watched the squirrels but could not chase them, and I didn’t smile much anymore. You gave me some good moments these past two months, but ultimately my bad days were starting to outweigh my good days. Thank you for ensuring my last day was not my worst day. Thank you for not making me suffer. I hung on as long as I could because I loved you, you let me go because you loved me. I never want either of you to doubt that you gave me the BEST life! You did EVERYTHING you could for me. I am running free in heaven with my old puppy friends, bolting after all the squirrels (you’d be so proud that I FINALLY got one!), digging for moles (sorry Mommy), munching on chicken and greenies, and yes Daddy they even have Chick-fil-A nuggets here too 🥰.

3489 days, 2 hours, and 30 some odd minutes was still not nearly enough time with you. I love you, I miss you already, but I am safe. I’ll see you on the other side one day and can’t wait to give you all the kisses. You rescued me, but we absolutely saved one another!

Until we meet again.
Love your one and only best buddy,

Sincere thanks to Adrienne, Dr. Economos, & Dr. Brewster for your caring attitudes and for making this sad event go as smoothly as possible. HRvetHospice you are amazing.


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