Jul 8, 2022

With a heart full of gratitude, I thank and appreciate very much the staff of Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice. I traveled from Pennsylvania to Chesapeake with Thomas, Bobbie & Mollie, no more than 2 weeks earlier to be with family. Thomas became increasingly ill and I knew I had to help get him some peace. Thomas is sadly missed by his natural brother, Bobbie, of 14 years and his baby girl, Mollie, of 7 years. Bobbie would bathe Thomas several times a day non stop, that is until Thomas would wack Bobbie. And then he would start over. Thomas loved lying in the sun to warm his bones, walking the yard with me, watching Mollie run the yard and of course his addiction to any flavor Temptations treats. I Love You Thomas with all my heart. Mommy.


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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