Dec 29, 2023

I adopted my sweet blue eyed girl, Koplin when she was approx. 6-8months old. For almost 16yrs she was my loving shadow. One of my most cherished memories is that she always slept by me, 99% of the time she would literally sleep with her face in mine. When I’d turn my head she would get up and walk across my back to get right back in my face. She also loved to lick my eyelids sometimes as I’d drift off to sleep or to wake me up. She rescued me in so many ways and I will hold her memories dear until I meet her again some day! Her lifelong companion, my handsome 19 y.o. kitty, George misses her too. My sweet girl went from being well to be gravely ill way too fast and it was crushing to have to make the call but I know it was what was best for her. Though losing her still hurts terribly, I am doing my best to take comfort in that I was able to hold and give her lovings until she took her last breath on my bed Dec.2, 2023, in peace and with dignity as she deserved. I also want to express my gratitude for the services of Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice! Everyone I have met have been amazingly compassionate!! Thank you all so very much for ya’lls service!!


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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