Testimonial from Beth Armstrong

May 2, 2023

I just had to put my beloved cat, Oliver to sleep yesterday. Agonizing decision , agonizing day…nevertheless the right one. I wanted to do this at home so he would be surrounded by his family in his home along with all those memories of love. I cannot begin to describe to you how wonderful this and invaluable this service is. From the first person who answered the phone(Susan) to Dr Mindy their compassion, understanding and kindness helped to put us at ease and assure us that the process would be painless and humane. What a blessing and beautiful experience to be able to hold my fur baby in my arms and sing to him and love him as he passed on peacefully to his next great adventure while he waits to be reunited with those who are left behind for now. The gentleness with which he was cared for was and the respect that was shown to both him and us was spectacular. Thank you so much!


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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