Testimonial from Rob and Katrina Klingensmith

Apr 24, 2023

The in home Hospice and euthanasia services had such value. We originally scheduled this way because we both have health issues that made it difficult to take our pooches out. We quickly realized that the value it added to our beloved Zoya was amazing. She has anxiety and after falling recently, she has a hard time walking. She also found it hard to stay comfortable. By having everything in our home, she was comfortable on her pile of blankets and had zero anxiety. She knew something was amiss though and fought the meds that were initially administered. She was a stubborn girl to the very end!! We shared funny stories of her escapades in her younger years, including her thinking she was alpha female in a house with all boys except mom!! She would find my underwear and chew the crotch out and chew the right shoe of almost every pair of my shoes. She eventually learned but still got into trouble, costing us quite a bit of money at the emergency and general Veterinarian hospitals!! She loved camping and swimming and absolutely loved kids, often becoming her puppy self when. The neighbor kids congregated in our front or back yard. She will always be our loved pooches and will always be irreplaceable.


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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