Testimonial from Jamie Chase

Feb 17, 2022

We can’t thank Dr. Economos enough for answering our call at 3am this past weekend. We loved our cat Floki with our whole heart. He had heart disease and we always monitored him very closely. He was so loving and happy and you could always hear his loud purrs from across the room. In the night I got up to check on him to notice he had lost use of his legs and was showing signs that it was near the end of his life. Dr. Economos came over as quick as she could and we made the decision to say goodbye to the sweetest cat I have ever known. Her respectfulness and gentleness with him made us feel at peace knowing he was able to pass on in his own home being surrounded by love. Thank you again for giving us peace of mind during such a devastating time. The comfort I feel knowing he was able to be at home with us when he passed is something I will remember forever. We are heartbroken, yet so grateful. Thank you.


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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