1. Easy to enter litter box: $31.99. Most cats develop some amount of arthritis as they age and more complicated litter boxes can be difficult for them to climb into!

2. Warming Bed: $28.99. Kitties of all ages love a cozy bed, but older kitties can especially appreciate a warm bed! Adding a heating blanket can increase their love- just make sure they can’t burn themselves on the heated portion.

3. Lick Mat: $7.95. A lick mat can be used to simulate foraging for food and keep older kitties engaged for extended periods of time. Wet food or other treats can be frozen on the mat

4. Food Puzzles: $14.48. Food puzzles are a great way to stimulate the mind of a senior kitty and to keep them on their toes. Older cats can learn new tricks!

5. Purr-Palooza Gift Box: $19.99. Subscription boxes are a wonderful way to give a special senior pup new treats and toys each month.

6. Wifi Monitor: $39.99 (plus 15% off with coupon!). Worried about your senior pet while at work? Use this affordable monitor to connect to Wifi and check on them via your phone.

7. Water Fountain: $26.99. As cats age they can face declining kidney function. Water fountains can encourage cats to drink more fresh water and keep them well hydrated. What royal cat wouldn’t want their own personal fountain?

8. Pet tunes: $59.99. For a splurge item for a senior pet, pet tunes provides specially composed calming music for cats. Older cats can be increasingly anxious as they become less agile and mobile.

9. Photo Session: $100+. All of our pet families treasure the photographs they have of their pets. Taking the time to have some professional family photos taken is a special treat and one that will keep giving!

10. Steps: $27.99+. Another mobility aid that can really benefit senior pets is a set of sturdy stairs that can help them onto their favorite couch or bed.


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