Due to current outbreaks of flu and COVID-19 in Hampton Roads, please alert us prior to your appointment if anyone in your home is sick with a potentially infectious illness.

Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice and Integrative Medicine is dedicated to the health of our patients and their families. We want to be able to continue serving families in our region and be able to do so safely. We’d like to ask for your help to make sure this is possible. If you are concerned about an illness in your home, we request that you let us know prior to your appointment time so that our doctors can take the proper precautions to minimize the risk of spreading disease. Many of our families have high risk elderly members of the family and we want to be a responsible as possible while offering needed assistance.

Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice and Integrative Medicine does already offer telehealth consultations, which can be used for existing hospice patients and can be used to have Quality of Life discussions with families. Informing the practice about any potential illness will ensure that we will be able to work with your family to best accommodate guidance for your pet and your family.

If you have a pet you think would benefit from a palliative care, home euthanasia or integrative medicine consultation, please contact Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice, In-Home Euthanasia, and Integrative Medicine at 757-474-5968.


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