National Pet Memorial Day is six weeks away! Our Pets are such an important part of the family. They bring us so much joy and good memories.

Each Family’s relationship with their pet looks different.

So how a family honors their pet once they have crossed the rainbow bridge may look different too.

At Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice (HRVH), we want to help you honor your pets that have passed on National Pet Memorial Day. This year, we honor those pets on Sunday, September 12th. Let’s all get involved and help put lots of smiles on our pet’s faces in pet heaven.

For this Pet Memorial Day HRVH is going to be supplying River Rocks to everyone that wants to memorialize their pets who have passed. The rocks will be at our home office (4740 Baxter Road, Va Beach) for pick up sometime in the middle of August. We will post additional information in the Facebook Event when the rocks are available to be picked up – so keep checking back!

Keep in Mind:
You do NOT need to be an artist to create something to honor your pet. The rock can be a simple as writing your pet’s name on it, to something that is as elaborate as a portrait of your pet. Everyone has different skills, but the goal is to find a unique way to express your love for your pet.

This is a creative activity that can be done individually or with the whole family. My 4-year-old daughter, Miss Amelia, has taken a very active interest in this event and so you will see a few videos & pictures of her over the coming weeks getting involved and helping to make this event special.

Once you are happy with the rock you have created to memorialize your pet, we recommend bringing it to a place that your pet loved and leaving it there. This could be your backyard, or it may require a trip to the Outer Banks. It’s a Sunday, so take the time to go on an adventure and reflect on your pet’s life and the special memories you made together. If you have more then one pet that you are memorializing, you may be taking quite a few adventures on this day.

Everyone’s path will look different but all of our goals will be the same. So much love and good energy will be sent to our babies in pet heaven.
girl drawing

The Process:

It may be a good idea to “brainstorm” Before you get going on your rock. My daughter and I took a pencil and a piece a paper and drew out some ideas of what we wanted to put on our rock. Picture Included. If you have lots of ideas, but are having a difficult time on how to get these ideas onto the rock, email me (my email address will be below). I would LOVE to help.
After you have a solid idea, the next step is supplies. I took a picture of some of the supplies that we bought that helped us execute our idea. Affordable places that have great craft supplies, would be JoAnn’s, Michaels & Walmart. If you are trying to use a specific craft, but not sure how to get it on the rock, email me!

Once you have finished your rock, feel free to take a picture and send to our Instagram or Facebook. You can also email me your finished pieces.
Feel free to use these if you post – #hrvethospice & #rememberourpets2021
I am excited to see the special ways you have honored your pet.

If there is any way that I can help you through the process, please email me at dr.shackHRVH@gmail.com

Sending so much love & good energy to all the pet families that have experienced loss.

Dr. Jeanette


Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice

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