It’s Shark Week and we’re excited! Who’s with us? We love learning more and more about these fascinating sea creatures and what we can do to help protect them and our ocean environment. Since we’re also all about the dogs and cats here in Hampton Roads, we wanted to help your pets get pumped for Shark Week with these fun shark-y pet products!


We’ve got costumes (if they are into that sort of cuteness…):

My favorite might be the shark fin life-jackets– a product that’s practical AND fun! We know many pet families that use these life jackets out on boats and at the beach, but also for older dogs if they need a little lift or help getting around. It’s not a true harness, but if your pet is already used to a life jacket, it can be a life-saver (see what we did there?)!


And for those pets that want to camp out in front of the TV with you so they don’t miss any of the drama, there are shark beds

And for those pets who prefer to be on the move during Shark Week, there are shark toys

And for the uber-practical pet owner who can’t enjoy Shark Week because of all the pet hair, how about the Shark TruePet vacuum 🙂


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