Western Benefits:
Cranberries contain a variety of anti-oxidants, including Anthocyanins, which are thought to be some of the strongest antioxidants of those that have been tested. Anthocyanins are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Cranberries also contain proanthocyanidins and ellagic acid. Proanthocyanidins help with the cardiovascular system as they can improve oxygen delivery to tissues and strengthen blood vessels. Ellagic acid promotes the body’s destruction of cancer cell death.
In addition to antioxidants, cranberries contain fiber, manganese, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and tannins, which help protect the urinary bladder from infection and from struvite crystal and stone formation. Cranberry can be provided in supplement form or by feeding cranberries or adding 100% cranberry juice to their diet.

TCVM Benefits:
Cranberry is a cooling food that enters the Bladder, Kidney, and Liver. It is considered a sweet, sour flavor which stabilizes (strengthens the organs it enters) and astringes (tightens leaking and sagging conditions like urinary incontinence, nocturnal urination, dribbling, and excessive bleeding). The cool nature of cranberries means they help clear Toxins and Damp Heat from the Bladder and Kidneys.

Cranberries are not only a festive holiday food, they can benefit your dog all year-round. Cranberries can be added as a topping to their regular diet, as treats by themselves, baked into treats, or added as cranberry juice.

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