DiaGel is an oral gel that supports proper digestion and bowel health that we have been using for over a year now at Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice and Integrative Medicine. Through its use of all-natural ingredients and essential oils, DiaGel helps maintain a healthy intestinal tract in our senior and geriatric patients and can help with palliative care of many diseases, including cancers. DiaGel can be really helpful for senior pets with chronic GI sensitivities, stress-related diarrhea, or certain diseases affecting the GI tract. Often as our pets age, we see them become very picky with their food and we have to change their diet frequently to keep them interested, which can lead to gastrointestinal upset. Often, with DiaGel we see results within about 24 hours of dosing and with just one administration.DiaGel can also be very useful for stress-induced diarrhea in pets. It can be given 2 hours prior to an event known to cause stress to a pet (for example, traveling, boarding, fireworks, or thunderstorms) or after an event to try to regulate colitis. DiaGel is particularly nice for senior pets because it is often a one-time dose and not something that needs to be given 2-3 times a day like some other medications for diarrhea. It is also made of natural ingredients and should not interact with other medications our senior pets may be on. There are no known side effects of DiaGel. It also works well with senior pets already on probiotics.

DiaGel is available for dogs, cats, and horses. For cats there are syringes for cats under 6 lbs and cats over 6lbs. For dogs, the syringes are based on weight: Small Dogs (1-30 lbs), Medium Dogs (31-60 lbs), and Large Dogs (61-120 lbs). These sizes can be combined for dogs over 120 lbs.

We recommend speaking with your veterinarian if you feel DiaGel might help their diarrhea issues and help palliate any chronic conditions. *************************

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