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National Pet Memorial Day Water Lantern Ceremony

    Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice to host their 6th annual National Pet Memorial Day Ceremony in Virginia Beach. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA July 26, 2018 – Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice is hosting their 6th Annual Water Lantern ceremony in honor of National...

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Shark Week Fun for Pets

  It's Shark Week and we're excited! Who's with us? We love learning more and more about these fascinating sea creatures and what we can do to help protect them and our ocean environment. Since we're also all about the dogs and cats here in Hampton Roads, we...

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The Benefits of Acupuncture for Inappropriate Urination

  Scenario: Garfield’s Inappropriate Urination Garfield is a 10 year old male neutered orange tabby cat. He was adopted as a kitten and was very healthy for the first several years of his life. When Garfield was 7 years old he was brought to the emergency room...

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A Memorial to Wilson

  Wilson stepped up from the very beginning.  When our little nieces, who live in Texas, went on our behalf to select a puppy for us they selected the one that stepped to the front.  That was Mr. Wilson and as soon as he was old enough he flew to his new home to...

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Noise Phobias in Senior Dogs

  Noise phobias are a common complaint by dog owners and as we head into the July 4th weekend and the thunderstorm-filled summer months, we wanted to discuss noise phobias in our senior patients. Some senior dogs show improvement in noise phobia as their sense of...

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The Benefits of Acupuncture for Cruciate Injuries

  Scenario: Sammy is a very playful Labrador Retriever. About 4 months ago he started limping on his right hind leg. Sammy’s mom took him to the veterinarian. Their family veterinarian did a full examination on Sammy and took radiographs of his back legs. Sammy...

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The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

  CBD oil is one of the most common topics brought up by the pet families whom we assist with veterinary hospice care and integrative medicine. Some families are reluctant to admit that they have already purchased CBD oil or are afraid to ask questions for fear...

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A Memorial to Maddie

Maddie 1/21/2012 - 6/11/2018   Maddie was our baby. She came into our life after we lost our 2 mini-dachshunds and filled the hole in our hearts with the joy she brought us.  She was a typical golden, loving every person and dog she met, though sometimes they...

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Hurricane Pet Safety Tips

  As we are officially celebrating summer here in Hampton Roads, we are also in the beginnings of hurricane season, which doesn't end until November 30. Humans aren't the only ones that need to be prepared during inclement weather. Pet families should have an...

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