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We are honored to care for and serve each and every person through their end-of-life journey of their pet. We invite you to explore this page to read the kind words these people had to share about our team. If you would like to share your testimonial, click the button below.

testimonials and reviews

What Our Clients Have To Say

A Testimonial from Nancy

One of the hardest things I've had to do is make the decision to send my loving dogs over the rainbow. The next hardest thing is actually doing it. Having done this twice before at a vet's office, I knew how cold and uncomfortable it is. Last April, I had a totally...

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A Testimonial from Amy

I cannot overstate how perfect Dr. Lauren's care for our cat, Oscar, was this morning. Though he had been unwell for some time, overnight it became apparent that our friend was uncomfortable and nearing the end. It was a Sunday. All emergency vets in the area were...

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Testimonial from Stuart Shepheard

I have nothing but the highest praise for this wonderful organization. The service they provided in our time of need was very timely and more than compassionate. I can’t say enough about Dr. Mindy Brewster who arrived at my home on time in the midst of a significant...

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Testimonial from Sally & Wes Weseleskey

Smilingly Dr. Christa Gilfeather professionally entered our home to perform the solemn gift of LOVE for our blonde, 14-year-old wire-haired dachshund,MUFFIN. She immediately put us all at ease as she stroked Muffin and explained the routine procedure to get her across...

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Testimonial from Lisa Marler

One of the most difficult decisions is euthanizing a pet. Dr. Christa Gilfeather made us feel so much better about that decision with our sweet Jasmine. Her care and compassion was above and beyond our previous experiences with other pets. Thank you so much for...

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Testimonial from Patricia Peck

I can not say how caring and loving this service is. Having my 2 pugs go to the bridge at home was the best choice I could have made. They made the heartbreak of losing our family members easier and I liked that they handled everything including the cremations. So...

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Testimonial from Beth Armstrong

I just had to put my beloved cat, Oliver to sleep yesterday. Agonizing decision , agonizing day…nevertheless the right one. I wanted to do this at home so he would be surrounded by his family in his home along with all those memories of love. I cannot begin to...

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Testimonial from Rob and Katrina Klingensmith

The in home Hospice and euthanasia services had such value. We originally scheduled this way because we both have health issues that made it difficult to take our pooches out. We quickly realized that the value it added to our beloved Zoya was amazing. She has anxiety...

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Testimonial from Jack Spillane

I cannot say enough to express how compassionate and caring Dr. Tyler was in helping our beloved Lucy cross the Rainbow Bridge. The group at Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice was extremely kind and helpful. I would recommend this company without reservation.

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Testimonial from Tammie Kearney

A very tough day handled with absolute genuine care and compassion. Thank you to all who helped us with such a heart wrenching and devastating event. I highly recommend to anyone faced with losing their pet.

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Testimonial from Rachel and Hubert Johns-Van Nes

Words can’t express how much gratitude we have for the grace and kindness of Dr. Tillman. We have had 16 amazing years with our “soulmate” dog, Boston and even though it was one of the hardest decisions to make we knew he was tired of battling his illness and his body...

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Testimonial from Jamie Chase

We can’t thank Dr. Economos enough for answering our call at 3am this past weekend. We loved our cat Floki with our whole heart. He had heart disease and we always monitored him very closely. He was so loving and happy and you could always hear his loud purrs from...

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Testimonial from Amanda Allen

Words can’t express how grateful I am that I found this place. They walk and talk you through every step of the process. They also give you time to spend with your baby before and after. They were truly so kind and compassionate the entire time. I know Bella was...

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